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The 3 Reasons Your Store Needs a Mobile-Optimized Banner

Reading Time: 6 minutes More and more ecommerce traffic is happening on mobile devices. While desktop still tends to win in total sales dollars, mobile is edging into the lead for sessions. Many customers visit your store on their phone after seeing an ad. Later, after carefully reading through everything on desktop, they complete the purchase. It’s simply a…

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How I Successfully Use Competitor Analysis to Hypothesize Tests

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re anything like I was, you probably spend a considerable amount of time analyzing your competitors’ sites. You may even choose to implement, immediately, all the elements you consider cool enough to have on your own store. Yet after all of your implementations, your store is probably under-performing. Why? A lot of us probably…

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How to Get Quality Customer Feedback to Improve Your Products and Increase Sales!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Listening to your customers is extremely valuable when you want to improve your business, but a lot of businesses seem to miss the mark or completely ignore their customer base. Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, there will always be something new to learn. We’ll be going over ways you…

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Ecommerce Stores: Don’t Break the Bank… Break Even!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Breaking Even on the Frontend Should Be Your Main Goal with Paid Traffic All successful marketers start with this sales funnel … It’s called a Break-Even Funnel. What’s a break-even funnel, you ask? It’s not a typical sales funnel (the path buyers travel as they head toward making a purchase). It simply means that whenever…

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Five Easy Ecommerce Strategies to Build Trust and Increase Revenue

Reading Time: 6 minutes Building trust is absolutely essential to a well-performing ecommerce store. If you don’t create a trusted persona, very few customers will make a purchase on your site. Gaining your customers’ trust is especially difficult when your brand has little to no sales—but it’s still very possible. Imagine this: You land on a new store with…

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You Can’t Just Copy Amazon! (Here’s Why)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Amazon is the titan of the ecommerce world. According to TechCrunch, nearly half of all dollars spent online in the United States is spent at Amazon, and nearly two-thirds of the population of the US visit each month! Naturally, this results in many newer store owners seeing Amazon as the ultimate beacon of what an online store…

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The Most Important Metrics for Growing Your Ecommerce Store

Reading Time: 9 minutes Too many ecommerce businesses are making vital decisions based on feelings rather than relying on data. But the most successful ecommerce businesses are able to separate what they think is right from what isn’t. They do this by focusing on crucial metrics and then make informed decisions based on that data, not just on assumptions. To…

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How to Sell More on Shopify…Part 6 of 6: The “Thank You” Page Optimization

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hello, hello … Welcome to part 6 of this six-part series about optimizing every step of your buyer’s journey on your store. As a reminder, here’s what we talked about in the last five articles: Checkout Cart Product pages Category pages Homepage Thank You page If you haven’t read these, make sure you give them…

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How to Sell More on Shopify (Even If You’re on a Budget) Part 5 of 6: Homepage Optimization

Reading Time: 14 minutes Howdy! Welcome to part 5 of this six-part series about optimizing every step of your buyer’s journey on your store. So far, we’ve talked about optimizing these pages: Checkout Shopping cart Product pages Category pages Homepage Thank You page If you haven’t read these, make sure you give them a read and, more important, apply…

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Mindset of a Revenue Optimization Expert – How to Stay Out of Your Own Way

Reading Time: 4 minutes So often I’m asked, “Haley, if I make this change, will I see an increase in conversion rate?” No matter the change, the answer is always simple: “I don’t know.” How can I be a leading revenue optimization expert with Build Grow Scale and not know what will and won’t work? It’s easy—Revenue optimization is…

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