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We stopped counting at $400 Million in Ecommerce Sales

We’re NOT Bandwagon Ecom Gurus. Ecom Is ALL We Do!

Business can be tough. We get it. We help you grow in revenue, profit, and life, faster.

We’re NOT Bandwagon Ecom Gurus. Ecom Is ALL We Do!

Business can be tough. We get it. We help you grow in revenue, profit, and life, faster.

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Want to grow your business but unsure of what to do next?


Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing’s moving the needle?​

And the overwhelm is like standing under Niagara Falls with a paper cup?


My Friend, you’re not alone.

If you’re slowly starting to fall out of love with your business… There is a solution to turn things around.


If your store is bleeding profits, the solution is NOT to increase traffic

Adding more traffic to a poor-converting website is like pouring water into a leaky bucket full of holes

It’s a waste of time (drains money) and only adds more stress!

Traffic is NOT your problem.


“The fastest path to the money (and profit), is to unblock the areas in your business (frontend AND backend) that stop browsers from buying, and customers from coming back”


This solution is what we call, “Revenue Optimization”.

It’s where you optimize your customer’s shopping experience and increase their lifetime value, which naturally leads to you making more money. Period.

Face it… On April 26, 2021, the online advertising world changed forever.

That’s when Apple launched the iOS14.5 update and pulled the rug out from under Facebook and Google by giving iphone-users the choice to “not allow’ tracking for ad platforms.

These privacy changes have impacted almost every ad-spending ecommerce owner on the planet.

We now live in a new world.

The Revenue Optimization Economy.

You don’t need MORE work, You need the RIGHT work!​

In the old world, you would need to get amazing at ALL of these:

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, Display Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search, Sponsored Content, Influencer Marketing, SEO, Email, and so on.

In the new world, you just need to optimize your customers’ shopping experience and all of your traffic sources will simultaneously convert better.

Giving you exponential growth—EVEN if you’re average at buying traffic.

You can’t control Facebook, you can’t control Google, but you CAN control your customers’ shopping experience on your website, through Revenue Optimization.


This was lightbulb moment for us and our clients, and the results followed. Using our proprietary Revenue Optimization™ system, we’ve helped:


people become first time 6-figure store owners


people become first time 7-figure store owners


people become first time 8-figure store owners

What Makes BGS Different?


Build Grow Scale™ is the behind-the-scenes growth partner to some of the most successful ecommerce brands on the planet.


At any given time we are running the data, optimization, email and split testing for 10+ multi-seven and multi-eight figure brands.


Our team of up to 40+ optimization experts collect and analyze more ecom sales & performance data in a week, than most stores could do in a lifetime.


We use real-time data based on millions of dollars in ad spend, sometimes up to $25 million in physical product sales every single month.


We only work with Ecom brands, it's all we do 24/7, 365 days a year and over the past 5 years we've learned exactly what moves the needle to grow a brand.


We go against the grain and purposely do not hire salespeople to handle our enquiries. Instead, we have a team of trained revenue optimization specialists offering free strategy sessions to analyze problems and diagnose solutions, even if we’re not the right fit.

Our Offerings
Group 94
We will do the work for you


Our trained Revenue Optimization experts will talk with you to plan and potentially execute one or more of our many services to help you make more sales and profit.

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We’ll guide you on the best path


Join over 1,500+ others who we’ve closely helped build, grow and scale their ecom store through our Revenue Optimization education programs, courses and workshops

Ecommerce brands we’ve helped with Revenue Optimization


Over the past 90 days I’ve been blown away by Matthew Stafford. He’s done a remarkable job with our Organifi store. We went from $2.75 million last year and we’re on track to do $8.4 million this year, which is incredible. That’s almost 4x as much. Our repeat customer rate is up 70%. Conversion rate has increased from 2% to 7%. He’s done an amazing job and I wanted to share this with you because if you’re interested in working with Matthew Stafford, I highly recommend it. You’re going to be blown away.

Drew Canole

I don’t think you can survive the ups and downs of entrepreneurship unless you have a support network. When you’re on your own on your computer at home or at Starbucks, you’re like an island. And when you’re going through struggles or you’re having success, you need people to share that with or get feedback from. That’s why I’m here. I’ve been with them for 5 years and I keep coming back because it’s real, they’re honest and they don’t sugarcoat stuff. And also the community they’ve built is fantastic.

Chris Smith

BGS has provided me a step-by-step path to really set my business up right and really good from the beginning. As a result I keep getting compliments on how we appear to be a much bigger company than we actually are. People are surprised to find out that we’ve only been in business a year and a half because of how much we’ve been able to just put ourselves out there and compete with the big boys as far as our marketing, our website and connecting to our customers. And I really attribute much of that to Ecom Insider.

Carrie Newman

The impact of BGS is that I’m not alone on this journey anymore. Prior to BGS I had a business, which was fairly successful, but I felt like it was a daily struggle. And now I’m never alone on this journey and that’s priceless. That’s the number 1 improvement for me. It’s not just the stuff that the BGS team shares, but other members as well that are just in there and they’re just constantly testing, implementing stuff that the BGS team shares, they test it in their own businesses and then report the results. And if it applies to me, I test it myself. I’ve generated so much revenue just from the stuff that other members have shared.

Ane Susanto

We were doing pretty good numbers on Amazon and we had a following already on our ecommerce store a little bit, but we didn’t really know what to do next. We just knew how to market on Amazon and we knew Facebook ads. So we were missing the bridge between those things. Matt showed me some of his back-end processes, what the stuff looks like, how organized it was and how data-driven it was, and honestly it got me really excited.So we just went for it with BGS and they just started testing different stuff while we were driving traffic to it.

Rome Za

I want to give a quick shot out to my buddy Matt Stafford and his team. Over the last 30 days they’ve been working very hard on improving my site. And the numbers speak for themselves. Our conversion rate has almost doubled. Can’t recommend them enough. They’ve been quick, they always have their ear to the ground on what’s working and what’s not, and they always suggest to us new things that have worked for other clients. And that’s what really changed the game for us.

Matt Schmitt

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BGS education will help you, no matter which level you have achieved as an ecommerce entrepreneur, who sells physical products via store or funnel. No matter where you are at, we have a program that will meet you there and help you grow to the next level, whatever that is for you. You may have thought in the past that we only work with big clients making millions of dollars a year, that’s just not true. We serve students and clients of all levels. From complete beginners at the idea stage, all the way to multiple 7 and 8-figure established brands.

Absolutely we can help you. The majority of our students and clients are on Shopify, but we have students on almost every ecommerce platform out there. Including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, even Wix. What we practice and teach is principle based and doesn’t depend on the platform.These principles being taught  are based on human psychology, and not any tool, app or platform.If you are in ecommerce, we will help you.

Our client success manager would love to hear from you on any business day from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time (GMT-8). Just give us a call at +1 775 432 1757 or shoot us an email at [email protected]. Your second option is booking a free strategy call with one of our optimization experts by clicking here

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Boost Your Conversions & AOV

You are blind to the issues on your site because of banner blindness.
Copy these shockingly simple conversion tweaks that put your site on steroids. Also, just being good at ads is no longer enough. Boost your AOV so you can outspend your competitors and advertise profitably.



Unleash AI’s Magic and Step Into The Future of Ecommerce

Discover how to harness AI to craft winning emails, irresistible ad copies, and detailed product descriptions in a snap. See firsthand how AI turns customer data into tailored marketing gems that fuel conversions. Finally, uncover the power of AI in creating standout product images that grab attention.

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Crush It With Email & Scale Your Business

You know you need to email but you struggle to even start.
Finally create a solid back-end that generates profits almost on autopilot without being a copywriter. Also, everybody’s talking about “scaling” but what does it actually mean? And how do you do it consistently and sustainably? Follow this plan of attack on how to scale in this volatile economic climate

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The Weekend Bootcamp Runs Every Friday Through Sunday, Starting At 4pm PST Daily 


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The Weekday Bootcamp Runs Every Tuesday Through Thursday, Starting At 4pm PST Daily 


Recordings available for purchase

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