Optimize Your Ecom Product Pages to Turn Browsers into Shoppers

Aleksandar Nikoloski Jul 05, 2022

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When it comes to your ecommerce store, having optimized product pages is key to turning people who are “just looking” into those who fully intend to complete a purchase with you. While the checkout and cart pages hold the number one and number two spots of importance, product pages are a close third. In fact, if your product pages are lacking, visitors won’t be inspired enough to even make it to your cart or checkout pages. That’s why you need to optimize them by making sure they’re well-written, easy to navigate, and formatted in an appealing manner. Not only that, but your images and videos need to be on-point!

If you’re thinking, “Yes, I’d love to do all of that! But where do I start?” Worry not—we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the optimization goodness you need to know to help ensure your product pages convert!

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Aleksandar Nikoloski

Aleks is BGS’s Head of Revenue Optimization, an author, and a speaker. He has helped rapid-scale dozens of 6, 7, and multiple 8-figure stores as part of BGS’s Amplify Partnership program. He has gotten one store from $2.6 million a year to $6.7 million a year in 24 months, while another from doing $300k/month to doing over $2 million/month in less than 6 months, just to mention a few. The BGS team calls him the “Site Whisperer” because of his ability to find site nuances that derail the customers’ journey and cause purchase friction. Extremely meticulous and analytical, he credits all of this success to data and accurate interpretation of that data, as well as his ability to implement and test new ideas almost immediately.

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