How to Turn Your Ecom Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions Into Sales


Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey, everyone! Joe here from Build Grow Scale. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert, and I help ecommerce stores build, grow, and scale their business. In this training, we’re going to talk about how to turn your customers’ frequently asked questions into actual sales. You ready? Let’s get into it. Alright, so when you’re running ads…

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3 Pop-up Mistakes Most Ecom Stores Make


Reading Time: 3 minutes Hey, everyone! Joe here, from Build Grow Scale. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert, and I help ecommerce stores build, grow, and scale their business. In this training, I’m going to talk about three mistakes that most ecommerce stores make when it comes to the pop-ups on their site. Are you ready? Let’s get into it….

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Consistency: The Secret to Building Trust with Your Ecommerce Customers


Reading Time: 3 minutes Back when we started optimizing ecommerce stores, we discovered that traffic was not the problem when it came to improving conversion rates. We eagerly tested many things to see what would increase conversions, and one of the things that kept coming up was trust.  In the early days of ecommerce, when people were a little…

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Attention Shopify Store Owners: Make More Money in Your Store in Just 5 Days


Reading Time: 3 minutes If you hate money, then this five-day ecom challenge is not for you. But, if you want to learn how to make more money in your Shopify store and increase your store’s sales by 107% or more in the next five days, like Brian just did, then join us for the next 5-Day Ecom Profit…

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Google Analytics Key Metrics: Which Page of Your Ecom Store to Focus On


Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey, this is Brad with BGS. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert, coach, and instructor with Ecommerce Business Blueprint, which is our beginner’s course. In this video, I’m going to talk about Google Analytics, everybody’s favorite subject, and really how to analyze it and focus on what pages to optimize. First, we’re going to go over…

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Are Your Ecom Store’s Sorting Options Helping or Hurting Sales?


Reading Time: 5 minutes As an ecommerce store owner, offering your customers product sorting options is one of the best ways to ensure they’re able to navigate your website with efficiency and ease. But you can’t just throw a bunch of ‘em at the wall and hope they stick. You need to thoughtfully consider which ones will enhance the…

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What REALLY kills Shopify stores


Reading Time: 4 minutes So, I want to share with you something that just happened. After dropping my daughter off at school, I ran over to Scheels to buy a new North Face winter coat, because I needed a new one, and bumped into a guy I know who has come to some of our workshops. He’s come to…

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EASY Ways To Scale Your E-commerce Business


Reading Time: 7 minutes Alright, let’s talk about your average order value … So, average order value is a critical metric in terms of being able to buy traffic and profitably run an ecommerce store, right? AOV (average order value) is the total number in revenue you’ve made from sales, divided by the number of sales you made in…

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Testing Your Ecom Store: A Beginner’s Guide


Reading Time: 3 minutes Business owners have long struggled to measure the impact of change.  A business could make a change, and sales could drop … But the reason for the drop could be the change itself, or it could be 100 other factors. That’s why attribution is so important in the business world. You need to know whether…

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Ecommerce Marketing: How To Promote Your Ecommerce Store The Right Way


Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey guys, Tanner Larsson here from Build Grow Scale. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood right now. I just dropped my daughter off at school. Heading back to the office as I was leaving her school, I noticed a bunch of little banners going up for stores to set up some promotions and things…

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