Attention Shopify Store Owners: Make More Money in Your Store in Just 5 Days

Matthew Stafford Oct 15, 2021

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If you hate money, then this five-day ecom challenge is not for you. But, if you want to learn how to make more money in your Shopify store and increase your store’s sales by 107% or more in the next five days, like Brian just did, then join us for the next 5-Day Ecom Profit Challenge.

Hey everybody, Tanner Larsson here, and I’m super excited to share this with you, because over the next five days, my team and I are going to walk you through exactly what it takes to dial in your Shopify store and get it converting at the highest level you’ve ever had.

So, guys, when I talk about optimizing a Shopify store, I’m not talking about your traffic, alright? We’ve been doing this for a long time, and over the past three years, we’ve generated over $400 million in ecommerce sales results for ourselves, our clients, and our members. Some crazy numbers, alright? By and large, people think “Oh man, they just must be really good at traffic.” The reality is that’s not the case. You are probably better at traffic than you need to be, but you’re not scaling to the level that you want because there’s something else that’s wrong.

And what I’m talking about is your store, OK? Everybody spends all this time over here, trying to get better traffic, cheaper traffic, better CPAs (costs per acquisition), all this stuff—which, that’s important, don’t get me wrong. But that’s one thing. Think about it from a click. When you run an ad, your goal is to get a click, right? Get the click to land on your website. That’s one click you’re trying to get. Once they hit your website, how many clicks does it take before they purchase? A lot, right? Five, six, seven, depending on your sales flow.

So, you’re spending all your time … Let’s say the 80/20 rule. Let’s say you spend 80% of your time trying to get better at traffic, and get cheaper traffic, more effective traffic to get one click. And you’re only spending 20% of your time on your store where you have seven or eight clicks that are required to happen before a sale is made.

That is where the magic happens in ecommerce, guys … on the store.

Now, there’s a whole lot more I could be going into on the challenge, but I’m going to save that for the people who actually join in and take the challenge with us—I’m going to teach them all the good stuff.

For now, everything you need to know about this challenge is on the page below this video. So, read through it, get all the details, and then definitely sign up for the challenge. You’re going to want to take this. This is the best money you can spend and you’re going to get five actionable days where every time you go through a session, you’re going to come out of it with an actionable plan, homework, worksheets, everything you need to do to be able to implement this stuff in your store. It’s like instant ROI.

And, you’re going to walk out of here with an app that we’re going to teach you how to install and optimize on day one, that will more than pay for your challenge if you install it on day one.

By the end of the challenge, you’ll probably be in profit, like most of our members are, alright? So, click the link below, read the page, buy the challenge, join us in the challenge, and we’ll give you the app. We’re gonna help you guide your store all the way through to help you level up and get it to where you want to be.

So with that, guys, I’ll see you inside the challenge.

Super excited! See you there. 


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