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Your Ecom Page Load Speed Matters!

Build Grow Scale Page Load Speed

Reading Time: 4 minutes In today’s fast-paced world, people expect to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. This is especially true when it comes to ecommerce shopping; no customer wants to wait around for a page to load. That’s why page loading speed is so important. Not only does it impact the user experience,…

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6 Email Marketing Campaign Strategies to Hook Your Ecom Audience

Email Marketing Strategies

Reading Time: 5 minutes As the owner of an ecommerce business, you likely rely on email campaigns to reach your target audience. However, if your messages aren’t captivating, your open and click-through rates can suffer, resulting in missed upsell, cross-sell, and repeat business opportunities. Not only that, but you could be perceived as unprofessional or even spammy, and that’s…

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Expert Tips to Up Your Ecom Traffic Game—Part 3 of 3: SMS Text Marketing

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ecommerce store owners know how essential traffic is to the success of their online business. And while we at Build Grow Scale specialize in and stress the vital importance of optimization, it won’t matter how perfectly your store is optimized if it’s not getting any visitors. If you’ve been following this three-part article series, you…

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Expert Tips to Up Your Ecom Traffic Game—Part 2 of 3: Instagram Marketing

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re an ecommerce business owner, you know that driving traffic to your site is essential for success. And while we at Build Grow Scale preach the vital importance of optimization (because your store cannot succeed without it) … It won’t matter how perfectly your store is optimized if it’s not getting any visitors. Enter…

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Emailing Your Ecom Customers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Email marketing is a key tool for ecommerce brands looking to build relationships with their customers and drive sales. When done right, it can be highly effective, providing a direct channel to reach customers and followers with personalized messages, and cultivate loyalty and repeat business through exclusive discounts or early access to sales and new…

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Expert Tips to Up Your Ecom Traffic Game—Part 1 of 3: Email Marketing

email marketing traffic

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to having a successful ecommerce business, Revenue Optimization™ is key. No question. And if you’ve been following Build Grow Scale (BGS) for very long, it’s safe to assume that you know at least the basics. But there’s another vital component that you absolutely cannot leave out of the equation if you want…

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Have You Optimized This Critical Page of Your Ecommerce Store?

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’re like most ecommerce business owners, you spend a lot of time and effort optimizing your website. But what about the critical yet underutilized (or misused) thank-you page? Are you taking the necessary measures to ensure your visitors have a positive experience after they’ve placed an order? If not, you could be leaving the…

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The Top 3 Most Important Things to Optimize on Your Ecom Store’s Homepage

Reading Time: < 1 minute Did you know that the homepage is one of the most important pages of your ecommerce store? It makes sense, right? After all, it’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your site. That’s why you need to make sure it’s optimized to the fullest! There are three key components of an effective…

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Boost Conversions by Optimizing Your Ecom Store’s Category Pages

Reading Time: < 1 minute Category pages are a crucial part of the sales funnel for any ecom store. Also known as collection pages, they are typically one of the first places potential customers go when looking for a specific product, and their purpose is to showcase groups of products in a way that is organized and easy for people…

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Optimize Your Ecom Product Pages to Turn Browsers into Shoppers

Reading Time: < 1 minute When it comes to your ecommerce store, having optimized product pages is key to turning people who are “just looking” into those who fully intend to complete a purchase with you. While the checkout and cart pages hold the number one and number two spots of importance, product pages are a close third. In fact,…

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