Ecom Competition Is Your Friend!


Reading Time: 6 minutes How cool it is that we can jump onto a computer or phone and, in just a few minutes of searching, find some serious strengths and weaknesses of our ecom store competitors. We can also find the major factors for why the competitors are crushing it … or why they’re not!  I firmly believe that…

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7 Simple Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition in Ecommerce


Reading Time: 8 minutes The dramatic changes in the ecommerce world over recent years have built competitive momentum as multiple businesses carry similar products in their stores.  More than ever, each business needs to find ways to capture the attention of customers and ensure that they, not their competitors, get the sale.  What do ecom businesses need to do…

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The Best Free Video-Editing Software for Creating Compelling Ads in 2021


Reading Time: 7 minutes I was a young university kid once who thought about becoming a YouTube sensation. I loved to create and edit my own gaming videos and also filmed my adventures when I traveled to South Korea. In those days, I made a few videos and managed to learn a lot about video editing. There were a…

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Focus on ROX to Improve Your Ecommerce Store’s Performance


Reading Time: 10 minutes Customers today have higher expectations than they did even a few years ago. And because they have more options to choose from, they need more reasons to buy from you instead of some other brand. What Is ROX? Return on experience (ROX) is a metric that measures the number of customers who return to your…

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How to Drive Ecommerce Conversions with User-Generated Content!


Reading Time: 5 minutes Long gone are the days when businesses and corporations were 100 percent in control of their messaging and customers trusted everything they saw from official sources. Too many sketchy businesses have harmed consumer trust, and now consumers have reclaimed quite a bit of power by helping each other find the diamonds in the saturated markets. …

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Can I Compete with the Big Brands in Ecommerce?


Reading Time: 8 minutes Is this a question you don’t think about much because you’re just getting established? You should! The truth is that it’s possible to compete with successful ecommerce businesses. You can do some things the way they do them and some that are unique to you. Those can give you the slight edge to get into…

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Page Speed Is the ULTIMATE Ecommerce Conversion Killer


Reading Time: 8 minutes Everyone has heard the saying, “Time is money”—and this couldn’t be more true for your ecommerce business. Online shoppers are growing increasingly impatient, and their demands for a speedy website aren’t slowing down, ever! This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you as we live in a world where the quicker we…

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Forecasting Ecommerce Customer Support: Lessons from Q4 and 2021 Projections


Reading Time: 9 minutes The boom in online shopping in the year 2020 has been massive, largely because Covid-19 has made it more difficult for people to shop offline as they did before but with this comes with a lot of customer support queries to solve. According to a recent economic indicators report from the US Census Bureau, there…

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How Superior Customer Support Boosts Your Ecommerce Store Revenue


Reading Time: 7 minutes If I had to pick only one tool for doing either Revenue Optimization or conversion rate optimization, it would be customer service …  Every business out there talks about how the customer is king. Many take pride in their customer service experience. However, very few companies are actually doing it right! Having someone available to…

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Provide a Bespoke Experience with Great Mobile-Optimized Images


Reading Time: 8 minutes During one of our Ecom Insider Jam Sessions a few moons ago, I learned that store owners were having difficulty handling their images while also trying to keep page speed high. Note: Jam Sessions are a weekly event for Ecom Insider members. During these sessions, revenue optimization experts look over EI members’ stores and give…

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