Mindset of a Revenue Optimization Expert – How to Stay Out of Your Own Way


Reading Time: 4 minutes So often I’m asked, “Haley, if I make this change, will I see an increase in conversion rate?” No matter the change, the answer is always simple: “I don’t know.” How can I be a leading revenue optimization expert with Build Grow Scale and not know what will and won’t work? It’s easy—Revenue optimization is…

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5 Quick-and-Easy Conversion Tactics That Increase Store Revenue (Part 2)


Reading Time: 7 minutes Welcome back everyone to part 2 of this series on quick-and-easy ecommerce tactics that win. In case you missed part 1, you can check it out here: Five Quick-and-Easy Conversion Tactics That Increase Store Revenue (Part 1) Without any further ado, let’s dive right into tactics #6 to #10—designed to help you dial it in…

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Critical Ecommerce Usability Guidelines That No One’s Talking About!


Reading Time: 7 minutes How do you achieve critical usability for your store? Are there special guidelines or even an ABC-style usability guide that everyone should follow when building an ecommerce store? We can answer some of these questions when you have a better understanding of your store, which you can get by reviewing your store’s current usability to…

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Magnetize Leads with Effective Email Capture


Reading Time: 13 minutes Despite the fantastic results email campaigns can get and the comparative ease of getting a strong campaign working, many stores (especially smaller ones) totally neglect this aspect of marketing to new prospects. Instead, they focus entirely on using Facebook and paid search to capture new customers. However, email is effective with new customers too. Email…

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Five Quick-and-Easy Conversion Tactics That Increase Store Revenue (Part 1)


Reading Time: 9 minutes As ecommerce entrepreneurs, we often wonder if the changes we make to our stores will increase the conversion rate or lower it: “Will change X help or hurt?” For example, should we focus more of the copy on safety features or reliability? Should we include a long, detailed video or a short, sweet one? It’s impossible to…

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Designing a Guarantee


Reading Time: 7 minutes In your customers’ eyes, there is always a risk when shopping online. Even I am skeptical when shopping on a new site! No matter how trustworthy your business seems, there will always be people who carry fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUDs) into their shopping experience. It only takes one negative event for your visitor to…

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Turn Your Ecom Store into a Money Magnet with 5 Basic Principles


Reading Time: 5 minutes Every website is unique, and with individuality comes a myriad of potential problems your site could have. If you’ve followed Build Grow Scale (BGS) for any length of time, then you’re probably familiar with some of our best practices—things like contact information in the header, labels on icons, and “Add to Cart” buttons (ATCs) above…

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Top 10 Profitable Conversion Boosting Apps for Shopify


Reading Time: 9 minutes The following Shopify apps will help to improve and boost conversion for your Shopify store. They have all been recommended by senior revenue optimization experts at Build Grow Scale and are used throughout their daily work. 1. Product Filter & Search You might be asking yourself, “So why are product filters and search important?” They’re…

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Ecommerce Copy 101


Reading Time: 11 minutes How to Create a Tidal Wave of Excitement That Compels Your Visitors to Whip Out Their Credit Cards on the Spot “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill bit. They want a quarter-inch hole.” Anybody who has studied marketing or copywriting has likely heard this saying before. Originally coined by Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt,…

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Crafting Ecommerce Cross-Sells That Convert


Reading Time: 12 minutes Anyone in the world of sales can tell you that cross-selling is important: Why sell one thing, when you can sell two or more? The in-store sales space has been rife with this for ages: staff suggesting monitors or keyboards to go with your new computer, bank employees suggesting a new credit card to go…

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