Fine-Tuning Your Ecommerce Micro Conversions for Big Wins: Cart Page, Part 4 of 5


Reading Time: 5 minutes This is the fourth article in a five-part ecommerce optimization series on using micro-conversions to increase that one glorious metric all business owners and optimizers obsess over—conversion rate. If you’re interested in learning all about the micro-conversions associated with each step of the funnel and how each micro-conversion helps increase the overall conversion rate of the…

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Fix Ecom Cart-Abandonment Issues Before Retargeting Your Customers


Reading Time: 4 minutes Most visitors who end up on your ecommerce store are there because they’re attracted to the product or service you sell: your product offers them benefits like a solution to a problem, better ways to complete a daily activity, savings of time, and so on. But maybe they encounter a problem while shopping that creates…

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Simple and Effective Ways to Expand Your Ecom Offerings Using Other People’s Products


Reading Time: 7 minutes Entrepreneurs have a common question that never seems to go away. It comes up almost daily and torments us forever (or at least until the end of our days)! That question is: What’s next?  That raises more specific questions: What should I do now in my business, what new project should I start, and how…

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What is a Customer Avatar and How Can 10x Your Ecom Revenue (With Examples)


Reading Time: 4 minutes You’ve probably all heard of customer avatars by now, but what you haven’t heard is that having a detailed customer avatar can spark an exponential upturn in your overall revenue.  In this article, I’m going to explain what a customer avatar is, how to create your own, common mistakes to avoid, and how to use…

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Image Optimization on Your Ecom Store: 5 Ways to Boost Trust and Your Conversion Rate


Reading Time: 4 minutes Product images play an important role in a customer’s decision about whether or not to buy a product from you. For this reason, ecommerce store owners should invest heavily in creating product images that are sure to help answer customers’ questions about a product and motivate them to buy. Here are five very desirable characteristics…

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The #1 Reviews App for Your Ecom Store


Reading Time: 7 minutes With so many choices out there, it’s hard to know which ecom reviews app would be the best for your ecommerce store. Which apps are good? What makes a reviews app good? Can a reviews app have pros and cons? Does it really matter as long as your ecom store is getting reviews? It can…

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How to Leverage Your Ecom Store Search Functionality to Decrease Search Abandonment


Reading Time: 5 minutes When users perform a search query in the search bar of your ecom store, they’re looking for a particular product or type of product. They expect relevant results to guide them to (or toward) the product for which they’re looking. The best way to leverage your ecom store search bar is to make it as…

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Branding Your Ecom Business: How to Create a Message That Evokes Passion and Loyalty


Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s been said that, “People don’t buy products—they buy brands.” It’s dramatic … but it’s not true in all cases. Sometimes you just need a kitchen towel, and you don’t care about the brand.  But new brands entering the fiercely competitive ecommerce space, heed this advice: Creating a clear brand message that resonates for people…

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Why Content Creation for Your Ecom Store Is Just As Valuable As What You Sell


Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s a reason people say, “Content is king.” Good content attracts and captures the attention of visitors to your ecom site, educates them, and—when they’ve gathered enough information about a product or service—influences their buying-decision process. Investing in the Creation of Good Content Why invest in content creation? It’s about adding value for customers. An…

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How Perceived Value Keeps Your Ecom Store Profit Margin Healthy!


Reading Time: 8 minutes Imagine this: you run a survey and find that most of your customers say that your products are too expensive, but they would have purchased if you had reduced the price or offered a discount. This is a common response when doing customer research.  There are two ways to address this problem: You can reduce…

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