Google Analytics Key Metrics: Which Page of Your Ecom Store to Focus On

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey, this is Brad with BGS. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert, coach, and instructor with Ecommerce Business Blueprint, which is our beginner’s course. In this video, I’m going to talk about Google Analytics, everybody’s favorite subject, and really how to analyze it and focus on what pages to optimize. First, we’re going to go over


How I Successfully Use Competitor Analysis to Hypothesize Tests

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re anything like I was, you probably spend a considerable amount of time analyzing your competitors’ sites. You may even choose to implement, immediately, all the elements you consider cool enough to have on your own store. Yet after all of your implementations, your store is probably under-performing. Why? A lot of us probably


The Most Important Metrics for Growing Your Ecommerce Store

Reading Time: 9 minutes Too many ecommerce businesses are making vital decisions based on feelings rather than relying on data. But the most successful ecommerce businesses are able to separate what they think is right from what isn’t. They do this by focusing on crucial metrics and then make informed decisions based on that data, not just on assumptions. To


How to Sell More on Shopify (Even If You’re on a Budget) Part 5 of 6: Homepage Optimization

Reading Time: 14 minutes Howdy! Welcome to part 5 of this six-part series about optimizing every step of your buyer’s journey on your store. So far, we’ve talked about optimizing these pages: Checkout Shopping cart Product pages Category pages Homepage Thank You page If you haven’t read these, make sure you give them a read and, more important, apply


Mindset of a Revenue Optimization Expert – How to Stay Out of Your Own Way

Reading Time: 4 minutes So often I’m asked, “Haley, if I make this change, will I see an increase in conversion rate?” No matter the change, the answer is always simple: “I don’t know.” How can I be a leading revenue optimization expert with Build Grow Scale and not know what will and won’t work? It’s easy—Revenue optimization is


User Testing: The Massively Underutilized Holy Grail of Increasing Your Shopify Store’s Conversion Rate

Reading Time: 9 minutes Your ecommerce store is leaking money Imagine you have a bucket with multiple holes in it and you’re filling it with water. That water represents the potential sales and revenue escaping through the holes. Your store is very similar—however, with an actual bucket, you can clearly see where the holes are, making them easy to fix.