Use Google Analytics to Align Your Ecom Store’s Messaging with Your True Audience

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hey, this is Brad with BGS here. Have you ever checked to see if your homepage main image banner actually aligns with the real traffic that’s coming into your site? If you haven’t, there’s a chance that there could be a disconnect between your website visitors and your UVP banner. So, I’m going to show

Ecom Tip: ALWAYS Provide Product Images in Scale!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey, how’s it going? Alex here from Build Grow Scale. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert and I help ecommerce businesses grow and scale through optimizing their store. And in this training, we’re gonna talk about why you should provide your visitors and your customers with product images in scale. OK? Let’s get into it. Now,

How to Drive Ecommerce Conversions with User-Generated Content!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Long gone are the days when businesses and corporations were 100 percent in control of their messaging and customers trusted everything they saw from official sources. Too many sketchy businesses have harmed consumer trust, and now consumers have reclaimed quite a bit of power by helping each other find the diamonds in the saturated markets. 

Provide a Bespoke Experience with Great Mobile-Optimized Images

Reading Time: 8 minutes During one of our Ecom Insider Jam Sessions a few moons ago, I learned that store owners were having difficulty handling their images while also trying to keep page speed high. Note: Jam Sessions are a weekly event for Ecom Insider members. During these sessions, revenue optimization experts look over EI members’ stores and give