Shopify Tip: Don’t Make Your Store Visitors Do the Math!

Joseph Liu Nov 12, 2021

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Hey everyone, Joe here from Build Grow Scale. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert and I help ecommerce stores build, grow, and scale their business. And in this training, I’m going to talk about … don’t make your store visitors do the math on your store.

Alright, you ready? Let’s get into it.

So, I was buying shoes online just a couple days ago, getting ready for the summer, looking for some new cool kicks. I went to this website, really really cool, and I was wondering what type of shipping estimation that I have to expect when buying this pair of shoes. So, I was looking through the shipping tabs on their ecom store, pretty standard, and they were telling me, basically, that it takes two to three business days to ship out (like process my order) after I order the shoes. And if you order on a Friday, you have to wait until Saturday and Sunday pass to Monday, and then Tuesday, then they will ship out your shoes. And then afterwards, they said the delivery time … Well, if you’re in Eastern Europe, it takes longer. If you’re in Western Europe, it gets a little bit sooner. They’re making me really do all this math and telling me like, five new business days for delivery time based on where I was, so I was trying to calculate, “OK, if I order it on a Friday, I have to wait for two days for processing and then another five business days to get my pair of shoes.” And I’m just like, “Oh my gosh, can you just tell me when I get my pair of shoes if I ordered them today?” And that’s the magical thing that Amazon does, right? It’s just so simple.

If you go on Amazon, you’re looking at a pair of sunglasses, and it just tells you, “Free delivery on this day if you order today.” Really, really simple. To the point. They’re not asking customers to count all these different processing dates, shipping estimations, delivery time. 

So, how do you fix that? That’s a massive issue … How do you fix it if you don’t have delivery estimations on your store and you’re allowing your potential customers to count all of that? That’s a lot of math to do, and the more you fatigue your potential customers that come on your site, the less likely they will convert on your store. So you want to eliminate that type of chance.

One app that I recommend is called Delm. If you go to the backend of your Shopify App Store, I can walk you guys through right now. Alright, in the Shopify App Store, I want you to search for “Delm” … ”Delm: Delivery Message.” What this app basically does, is it places that delivery estimation right on the product page so customers no longer have to do any math when they look at your product wanting to know the delivery date. So it’s basically what Amazon does on all their product pages. You can use that on your Shopify store very, very easily. Alright? And again, this app is called “Delm: Delivery Message.” Really affordable app, it’s $14-$15 a month, and you’re able to customize a lot on the backend. I’ll walk you through what that looks like. 

So, this is the backend of the app after you install it on your store. There’s a whole lot you can do to get it set up here, alright? For example, you can set up delivery areas. If most of your customers are from the US, you can really break it down to different sections of the US. For example, this is “Domestic.” I can edit this … I can call this, maybe, “East Coast” (of the US). And then in here, you can edit regions. The East Coast, New York, Jersey, all those places … You can click them, and you can give them different delivery times. Maximum delivery dates. Deliverable days, you can also change that very easily in the setting for that specific region. You can divide your regions into different sections. Go to “Delivery Areas” … You can add more, you can change all these different options that allow you to basically identify where the visitors are when they come on your site. Usually, you have an IP address that this app can see, and you can offer different delivery times based on this. Delivery areas, number one.

Number two, calculate your dates. So, I know every shop has a different dispatch process, and maybe you’re doing in-house, maybe you have a provider that’s doing all the shipping dispatching for you. These are the settings you can do inside the app itself. You can edit all that. You can change the setting; you can change the time that you dispatch on each different day. Maybe you don’t dispatch on the weekend. This is fully customizable. Delivery date as well, like maybe your shipping carrier doesn’t work on the specific date of the week … You can change that as well. And this app automatically calculated, delivered, that final result in front of your potential customers, and it makes it super, super simple, alright?

There are some templates you can use as well. These codes you have to adjust and put on the front end, but it gives you a preview of what that looks like. There’s a little countdown in there. So anyway, Delm is an app that you need to use for your products. So, if you don’t have anything set up that’s very clear on shipping estimations, delivery date estimations, this is the app for you. It makes it really simple for your potential customers to understand what kind of delivery date they should expect.

So, at the end of the day, don’t let your customers get fatigued from calculating all this stuff, and make sure you make their life easier when they shop on your store. The more you do that, the higher the chance that they will convert on your site, and your customer experience will be better.

And to build on top of it, whenever you have a delivery date for free delivery, you can also upsell your expedited delivery on top of it. If someone wants it faster, they can understand how much faster they can get the product. And on top of it, we have that BGS AOV Bump app. A lot of times we have that priority processing. Now you can really give people clarity on what type of priority processing you can give them. Realistically, they know, “Alright, I’m really cutting off one day on that specific time frame.” So, at the end of the day, the more clarity you can offer your customers is always better. And you can do that without your customers having to figure out the math themselves. So, download the app, install it on your store, get it set up, have it configured properly, and you’ll thank us later.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful. Guys, if you want to learn more about ecommerce, give us a comment, ask us any questions that you have, we’ll make more videos based on your requests.

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