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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Emailing Your Ecom Customers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Email marketing is a key tool for ecommerce brands looking to build relationships with their customers and drive sales. When done right, it can be highly effective, providing a direct channel to reach customers and followers with personalized messages, and cultivate loyalty and repeat business through exclusive discounts or early access to sales and new

One Marketing Channel Ecommerce Businesses Should Not Skip in 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes While 2021 has brought some huge changes to one of the biggest marketing channels used by most marketers (Facebook), it has only further strengthened another marketing channel that has stood the test of time—and it’s only getting bigger and better!  I’m talking about email marketing. Truly, no other marketing channel out there right now offers

5 Ways Shopify Can Help Your Ecommerce Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Shopify has become the top industry leader in the ecommerce game. With over one million online stores using this platform, it’s easily the most well-known and well-used platform worldwide! Given the climate of the world over the past year, with a pandemic looming in everyone’s life, more business transferred to online stores than in any

It ALL Starts With Traffic—the Kind That Makes You Money … Not Late for Dinner!

Reading Time: 12 minutes So you think you know revenue optimization, do you? If you’ve been following Build Grow Scale for any length of time, you’d better know the basics at least! That said, it’s not only about implementing the tactics, optimizations, or SOPs (standard operating procedures) we teach—you also need to examine your traffic sources. Even if a store

How To Leverage Your Email List For Huge Profit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Video Highlights 0:06 Introduction 0:11 Not Always Rainbows And Sunshine 1:00 Tip Worth 1200% Increase ROI 1:20 Dispel The Myth 1:48 A Customer Email List Is Worth $0.20 Per Subscriber 2:02 The Way You Get Your List Up To $1 Per Subscriber 2:30 What This Does 3:02 Doesn’t Need To Be In Large Segment 3:47