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Fine-Tuning Your Ecommerce Micro Conversions for Big Wins: Category Pages, Part 2 of 5

Reading Time: 5 minutes This is the second article in a five-part ecommerce optimization series on using micro conversions to increase that one glorious metric all business owners and optimizers obsess over—conversion rate.  If you’re interested in learning all about the micro conversions associated with each step of the funnel and how each micro conversion helps increase the overall

How to Sell More on Shopify (Even If You’re on a Budget) Part 4 of 6: Category Pages Optimization

Reading Time: 16 minutes In the previous article, we talked about optimizing your product pages. Go here to read it (if you haven’t yet), before digging into this one. This is the fourth of a six-part series that will go deep into optimizing every step of the buyer’s journey. Here is the full breakdown: Checkout Cart Product pages Category pages Homepage