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Optimize Your Ecom Product Pages to Turn Browsers into Shoppers

Reading Time: < 1 minute When it comes to your ecommerce store, having optimized product pages is key to turning people who are “just looking” into those who fully intend to complete a purchase with you. While the checkout and cart pages hold the number one and number two spots of importance, product pages are a close third. In fact,

Increase Your Shopify Store’s Traffic by Optimizing Your Images

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey, everybody! Jeremy Friedland here, with Build Grow Scale. And in today’s video, we are going to be talking about how to further SEO-optimize your website so that you can start ranking in the organic listings and getting more free traffic for your store. So, if free traffic is something that interests you, which it

Are Your Ecom Store’s Visitors
Ignoring Your Product Descriptions?

Reading Time: 6 minutes With today’s generation having an attention span of eight seconds, what are the chances your visitors are reading those huge walls of text in your ecom product descriptions?  Clue: Close to ZERO. Blame it on the world … where answers are immediate, and choices are infinite. (I personally blame Siri and Alexa.) Product descriptions are

Ecom Tip: ALWAYS Provide Product Images in Scale!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey, how’s it going? Alex here from Build Grow Scale. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert and I help ecommerce businesses grow and scale through optimizing their store. And in this training, we’re gonna talk about why you should provide your visitors and your customers with product images in scale. OK? Let’s get into it. Now,