Why Content Creation for Your Ecom Store Is Just As Valuable As What You Sell

Irene Wanja Jun 01, 2021

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There’s a reason people say, “Content is king.” Good content attracts and captures the attention of visitors to your ecom site, educates them, and—when they’ve gathered enough information about a product or service—influences their buying-decision process.

Investing in the Creation of Good Content

The Value of Customer-Centric Content Creation in E-commerce

Why invest in content creation? It’s about adding value for customers. An ecom store needs to provide good, valuable, engaging content that’s also customized to reflect your unique business. 

When you spend time and resources gathering valuable customer data from polls, surveys, your social media channels, and customer support feedback, there’s a payoff: you can use that data to create great content that captures your customers’ needs and addresses their challenges.

With that information, you can offer content throughout your ecom store that effectively presents how your product works, its benefits and features, how to use your products, and why your customers should buy those products from you and not another brand.

Here, we’ll be focusing on the many reasons to address your customers’ needs by providing good content on your ecom store.

1. Build better, stronger relationships with customers

Good content helps build trust with first-time buyers and strengthens relationships with your repeat buyers:

  • Create content on your ecommerce blog that focuses on how to use your products and covers the challenges for which your products provide solutions.  There’s a high likelihood that users looking for solutions to their challenges online will end up in your ecommerce store. Once they read the information you provide—it’s likely that they’ll buy from you. Why? Because you’ve given them a reason to trust you: you aren’t just selling a product; with your thoughtfully written text and strong video content, you’re showing them how to use that product .
  • Create product guides and comparison charts to help potential customers make better-informed buying decisions. Your attention to detail helps them understand why they should buy from you. And the more value you offer your customers, the more their trust will build, which, in turn, encourages purchasing.

2. Stand out from your competitors

Many ecom stores offer similar products. To help customers identify your products as the ones they should buy, you need to stand out from the crowd. This can be done through branding, but that’s not enough.

Customers on your ecom store need to find out what makes you different from the rest. That’s one of the reasons you need to find your voice and provide content value to your customers. According to SuperOffice, the more value you give your customers (for example, by offering them a free newsletter), the more likely they are to stay loyal to your business.

Ecom shoppers don’t just buy based on seeing the product. They look for valuable information describing the product and its specifications and uses. They want relevant customer reviews and answers to their frequently asked questions. These are the things that help them make the decision to buy from you.

3. Improve your ecom store’s SEO

Ecom search engine optimization can be achieved by using relevant keywords in your product descriptions and product tags and also by creating blog content that’s SEO-focused and adds value for your customers.

The more time visitors spend on your store, the more Google “understands” that you’re providing valuable content. That will get you a higher ranking during Google searches, making it easier for users to find you via specific keywords.

The valuable content you provide also increases organic traffic to your store, which helps increase your customer base and improves your store’s conversion rate.

4. Support and improve the implementation of your other digital-marketing strategy efforts

Creating good content for your ecom store helps integrate all aspects of your digital-marketing strategy into one effort, and that’s why you need to have your content right.

When creating ecom content, use the same voice you use on other channels, whether it’s social media or email-marketing content. They should be linked together to show consistency in the information being conveyed. 

When ecom owners focus on creating great content on their stores and the other platforms where they interact with others, those potential customers can make informed decisions more quickly when it comes to purchasing products.

5. Highlight your subject-matter expertise

Whether your ecom business provides services or sells products to customers, you need to give people a reason to buy from you. You need to show them that you’re an expert by providing them with informative content that they will value.

A potential customer is much more likely to buy from a company that shows how knowledgeable its people are about the product or service it sells than from one that doesn’t. This is mostly because visitors to the store are reassured when dealing with experts who can answer all their questions and easily solve or fix any problems they might encounter along the way.

By providing this kind of expert information on your store and social media channels, in email, and while answering all questions posed to customer support, your potential customers increase their trust in you. They know that when they decide to do business with you, they’ll be dealing with experts in the industry.

6. Optimize content with calls to action

Although good content will help convert your store browsers into buyers, you need to optimize it by including clear calls to action (CTAs) between that content and the purchasing journey. CTAs that guide the user to next steps can be links to the product being discussed or “Buy Now” buttons that help customers take immediate action once you’ve sold them on the idea of buying.


By discovering what your customers think about your products or services, you can find out what information is missing from your ecom store and start to create good content that addresses people’s interests, needs, and challenges.

The potential customers visiting your store want to know more about a product. If you provide them with relevant information that also sets you apart from your competition, their doubt recedes about whether your product can meet their needs or solve the challenges they face.

With educational, interesting, and valuable content, you are developing a good relationship with your customers—you’re building trust while showing what your brand is about.


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