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Build Grow Scale is one of the premiere ecommerce education and consulting services companies, with over $400,000,000 in sales made by our partners and through the use of our services.

Revenue Optimization is our holistic approach to diagnosing and correcting the problems facing the stores of our members and partners. Our data-driven insights, heuristic testing, custom Shopify apps, and wissing marketing campaigns have led many stores to 10x their revenue and beyond.

Whether you are just trying to build your first Shopify store, trying to grow your one-person store into a team-run company, or trying to scale your 7-figure store into 8 we offer services to suit your needs.

The Free Stuff

We don’t want you to jump in blind and open your wallet. We want you to succeed. To that end we offer multiple avenues to build your knowledge and grow your business for free!


The BGS Blog offers a look into the philosophy that powers the BGS system, as well as tons of immediately actionable advice from members of the Revenue Optimization team. You’ll find guides, case studies, and theory from the broad aspects of optimizing your store’s purchasing flow to the intricacies of user psychology.

Check out this 6-part series written by our Head of Revenue Optimization on How to Sell More on Shopify Even If You’re on a Budget.


Every Wednesday, Tanner and Matt will grace your earholes with a hard-hitting podcast featuring interviews with industry experts and case studies from our partner stores, allowing you to see exactly what ecommerce professionals are doing right now and how to adapt these lessons to work for your store.

Episode #04 of Optimized Ecommerce – The Fours Basic Optimization Principles

Episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts. Click Here For Podcast Links.


For your more visual learning needs, the BGS Youtube features reviews of top performing Shopify stores, recordings from past BGS Live events. You’ll also find a lot of videos of Tanner driving around talking to himself.

Ecommerce Education

Ecom Business Blueprint

For those looking for in-depth and highly relevant materials to learn from, BGS offers online courses, including the oft-requested Beginner’s Course. Filled with step-by-step instructions to take you from an idea to a fully functioning and optimized ecommerce store, the Beginner’s Course cover’s all of the aspects of your business from products to marketing to fulfillment.

New courses are always being developed to meet our customers’ needs.

Build Grow Scale Live

Described by many as the single ecommerce live event worth attending, Build Grow Scale Live is a yearly event hosted in Reno, NV over the course of three days packed with impactful training, one-on-one coaching from the Revenue Optimization team, and no BS actionable advice. With just a little effort, attendees can apply the information provided and see a positive return before the event ends.  Find out About the Next BGS LIVE.

Ecom Insider

Where guided mentoring meets business accelerator, Ecom Insider is the premium membership to all of the educational resources BGS provides. On top of the full suite of Ecom Academy courses, and admission to BGS Live, Ecom Insider includes live coaching calls as well as regular training on Facebook ads, copywriting, and tech issues, all catered to exactly what our members are looking for.

You’ll also get a monthly newsletter and a Marketing-Campaign-In-A-Box, making it easy to recoup the cost of membership. Combine that with an exclusive Revenue Optimized Shopify theme, custom-built Shopify Apps, and access to a private Facebook mastermind group, where you can connect with successful business owners and the entire BGS team. You’ll lose money not becoming a member.

Done-For-You Services

If learning isn’t for you, BGS also offers multiple service packages where we do it for you, letting you focus on other aspects of your business.

Store Audit

It can take months to learn all the issues a user could have navigating a site and how to properly identify and correct them. Do you have time for that? Not likely, so skip the learning curve and let us do it for you. We will have members of our Revenue Optimization team evaluate your store on hundreds of potential pain points, document them, and provide you with potential solutions to plug those holes and convert your visitors into customers.

You’ll be given an in-depth itemized list of what to fix and how to fix it with low-hanging fruits especially highlighted. You’ll no longer have any excuses as to why your store is underperforming!

Google Tag Manager and Analytics Package

No matter how good your data crunching abilities are, if your data is bad, your conclusions will be bad. Learning how to get Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics set up with all the proper events identified and tagged is a whole other skill set from the normal running of a business. But we can do that for you, too!

We’ll get GTM and GA set up, fix an existing set up, and ensure all of your data is tracking properly, as well as provide you with valuable Analytics reports to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Automated Email Package

Writing persuasive marketing emails and designing complicated if-then email flows can be challenging. Lucky for you we have comprehensive email campaign experience. We will design and automate all of your necessary marketing flows, from abandoned cart to post-purchase to holiday flows, ensuring the right customers are targeted and primed to convert.

Amplified Partnerships

Already spending $50,000+ on advertising every month? Already making 8-figures in sales every year? If either of these is true, there is an opportunity to become an Amplified Partner. Our partner stores sell quality products with a strong supply chain ready to scale.

If we partner up, our full staff of experts will personally handle all of the Revenue Optimization, split testing, and development work needed to explosively grow your business.

Unsure which services are best for you and your business?

If the potential of what BGS can do for you is exciting, but you aren’t sure which of our services will best satisfy the needs of your business, please fill out this questionnaire and let us help find you a perfect fit.