Optimized Ecommerce EP 025 – Scaling a Struggling Brand Like Crazy! From $0 to $10M in 9 Months

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Business Tech Ninjas Oct 07, 2020

Welcome to Episode 025 of Optimized Ecommerce – Scaling a Struggling Brand Like Crazy! From $0 to $10M in 9 Months! I am your host, Tanner Larsson, CEO of BGS.

BGS means Build Grow Scale! It is a community that we founded where Ecommerce entrepreneurs and physical product sellers come to learn how to take their businesses to the next level.

This week, Archer Worsham joins me to talk about their journey with a struggling brand and how they launched this particular brand from $0 to $10M in just 9 months!

Archer is the co-founder of Special Ops and has been the E-Commerce marketing force for rising physical product brands along with his brother, David. Archer Worsham is best known for his expertise in creating ad buying, content, positions, and dialing down the back-end of sales for predictable growth.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

Archer Worsham transitioned out of Amazon and into traditional store-based E-Commerce. We talked about what led them away from Amazon and the lessons he learned during that vital transition.

One caveat of Amazon that was big for Archer was not being able to collect data.

Archer revealed, “When you don’t have the data, you don’t have any trajectory you can aim toward. When I started the transition, I honestly had no idea what I was doing in the middle ground and on the back end.”

The middle ground means actually building a Shopify site — how to build it correctly. The back-end involves email marketing, sms campaigns, etc…

Shifting away from Amazon was not as easy as ABC. Archer goes on to add, “I did not know what to do with that data once I had it. So it was a huge shift.”

However, if there is just one benefit from being successful in Amazon like Archer, it is that he has already figured out the product game. He already knows how to find, source, and private label. He no longer struggles with wondering what to sell as much because he has already been through that multiple times!

This gives Amazon sellers a nice boost when they want to move out of the platform.

Next, we talk about Archer’s strengths, how that went with David’s strengths, his brother, and how they stumbled upon a struggling brand, that later on they would help scale like crazy!

We found out that Archer’s strengths lean more towards the creative side while David is very analytical.

Archer loves to see from a bird’s eye view and find out what needs to be done and what the most important factors are. He said that he is more of the visionary type.

And David, on the other hand, loves to learn how to do something and do it in intricate detail, read data, and improve on it.

“We’re two different guys,” said Archer.

But they work very well together because they are different. David handles some of the ads while Archer handles more of the creatives. There is a lot of creative production on the front end that needs to be addressed.

While Archer admits that he is not very good with looking at numbers, David is very good at dialing into Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and all-around ad buying.

“On my side, I am very good at creatives, messaging, getting attention, and making customers become attracted to a product,” said Archer.

Not long after transitioning out of Amazon, they got introduced to a client brand by one of their Amazon students. This brand was struggling and according to Archer, there was a point where they had to work on their relationship with this brand and develop trust for each other.

We also talk about how they were able to skyrocket a client’s brand from $0 to $10M in just 9 months.

At that time, Archer admits that he did not know Shopify nor where the potential could have been for conversion rate. However, he did know that a percentage and a half was a horrible conversion rate.

He knew they needed some help in figuring out how to fix their client brand. There are a lot of people who teach Ecom and Archer wanted to go straight to the people who know exactly how to build a store that converts.

Archer already knew about BGS for a few years at this point. He knew that BGS would be able to help them. As soon as Archer talked to David about it, they had joined BGS and Ecom Insider an hour later.

Archer shared, “It was right after we joined Ecom Insider. We started working with the BGS team and as soon as we were able to push that live, we went from a percentage and a half of conversion rate to over three and a half percent conversion rate within 24 hours of turning it on.

“There was no Google Analytics set up just yet. It was just setting up the foundation roots of what you at BGS tells us to do for customizing the theme and get some better conversions at the beginning. This was before getting into the nuts and bolts to really improve upon it from there.”

One thing I love about Archer’s story is that they did not simply get lucky with the product. Archer and David put in the work. Archer said that he was in the group, working, and using everything that he could find from us.

Although BGS gives them the whole system and how to do things, they still have to actually do it. And today, they still are constantly testing, tweaking, following the instructions that we give them, and following the optimization paths, the different things that BGS is doing, and then doing it.

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • Something else to their credit, Archer and David would try everything we give them without question because BGS gives tips and techniques based on data. Everything we give out to our members have been intensively tested and proven to work. “GSD” is the mantra of Ecom Insider and the BGS Group. GSD means Get Shit Done and that is exactly what David and Archer are good at.
  • We also talk about why it’s important to drop your ego, look for people who are master at the craft you are weak in, and ask their help.
  • Learn what Archer and David’s cashflow looked like when they started running their automated campaigns suggested by BGS.
  • Archer examines their 6x RO-ads experience — how that’s super sexy but not sustainable especially not on the path to $10million and beyond.
  • Find out what it takes to reach a million dollars a month for your Ecom store, and the best practices to follow to stay on that million per month level and beyond.

But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those!

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