How We Used HotJar To Turn A Shopify Store Into A $4k Per Day Recurring Revenue Stream

Gabriel Gutierrez Jun 10, 2016

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  • 0:02 Follow Up On Facebook Post
  • 0:19 Black Label Mastermind
  • 0:35 Parasite Brands
  • 0:49 Not Admitting Defeat
  • 1:07 Sales Funnel
  • 1:17 Doubled Sales Everyday
  • 1:48 The First Thing We Did Was Install HotJar On Every Page.
  • 2:03 Making Simple Changes
  • 2:41 Basic Stuff Everyone Should Be Doing
  • 3:07 Focus
  • 3:20 Trying Hotjar
  • 3:35 Adset Dialing In On Age Groups
  • 4:25 Can Happen On Anyones Business
  • 4:50 Closing Remarks

What’s up, guys? Tanner Larson, here, from Build Grow Scale. I want to follow-up today with something I talked about yesterday. I actually made a post about it on Facebook. We have one of our brands. We’ve got several different eCommerce brands that we own and fulfill out of our office and warehouse here.

This article aims to summarize the key takeaways from this video about Hotjar Shopify, ensuring that even those who missed the video can catch up on its essential content. Make sure you check the video to get full insights.

A couple weeks ago, we were having our Black Label Mastermind. During a productivity talk and talking about are the things you’re doing aligned with what you should be doing, and do you have a parasite business that maybe leaching from your actual better business or the business you should be focusing on.

I made the statement that one of our brands, our KB brand, was a parasite and that it had just been trickling along, mediocre sales, sucking up cash that’s tied up in inventory, and really just wasting our time.

I said, “You know what? We’re going to kill this brand off. We’re going to fire sale our product and get rid of it.” After saying that, my partner Matt, apparently didn’t really … He agreed with me, but then he started thinking about it. He didn’t like admitting defeat, so he and the rest of our team over the last week have been revamping everything.

They went back to the funnels, we dialed them in, we redid our ads, changed everything up that we haven’t really done in a very, very close, very analytical approach to it.

Over the last week, we’ve doubled sales every single day. This morning, about 7:30 this morning, we already were over a thousand dollars profit for the day and it’s only 7:00 in the morning. Well, right now, it’s 8, almost 9. When we checked stats at 7, it was already over a thousand dollars profit for the day, so it’s probably closer to 2,000 or more now.

Anyway, all we really did was get serious about really focusing in on what was going on at each different level. The first thing we did was install Hotjar on every page of our site. This particular brand, it’s a Shopify store, so we had Hotjar on the store.

We started watching, our whole team started watching what people were doing and how they interacted with the site.

We noticed all kinds of things right off the bat, simple things like the PayPal button. A lot of people were paying through PayPal, but we only had a PayPal buy button at the bottom of the page. They had to scroll all the way down to purchase. Whereas, if they had just had the button at the top of the page like the other buy button, they might have done better. As soon as we added that button, boom, sales went up.

We also realized that some of the images weren’t showing correctly on mobile, fixed that. We also noticed that one of our abandoning cart sequences wasn’t firing properly, fixed that.

Immediately little things like that just changed and the sales took off. We didn’t do much with the ads except for really dig down into the ad level and see who exactly was buying. This is just basic stuff that everybody should be doing.

When you’re running that many or multiple businesses, like in our case, we’re running three different eCommerce brands plus Build Grow Scale, Black Label, and a number of other things. Your attention tends to get pulled in too many different directions and you don’t give the attention that’s needed, and you try to start multitasking across different things.

Whereas this time, we just focused on this one thing, our KB brand. Focused on just the ads, focused on just the Hotjar shopify, focused on just improving the page design, and sales have been through the roof.

If you have multiple brands or even if you have just one brand, give it the chance that it needs. If you haven’t tried Hotjar yet, throw Hotjar on your pages. It’s just a tracking software that lets you see how your visitors are interacting with the page. That’s huge. You can get some major conversion lifts there.

Then on our ad set, the basic thing I actually forgot to tell was that we were dialing in by age groups of who our best purchasers were. We actually logged it down to three different age groups that were the best purchases of these products, so we cut out all the rest of the ages and just focused our ad spend on those age groups.

That alone cut our ad spend down, allowed us to be more effective in what we were doing, and our conversion started coming cheaper.

Our average cost of acquisition is between 3 and $6. Before, it was around $12. Depending on the ad, we’re paying between 3 and $6 per sale. These are $34 or $39 products depending upon the product, so our cost of acquisition is amazing now just through some simple little tweaks.

Guys, this can happen to your business. It can be in anybody’s business. Chances are, if your store is not performing, it’s not because it’s necessarily a bad store or it may not be because your ads are bad. It just maybe that you haven’t focused enough on really dialing in the small little details that can each combine together to create a big lift for your business, and ultimately a big hit and boost to your profit margin.

All right, guys. I’m about to pull into the office. That was a ramble today, but I just wanted to talk about it because it was exciting, it’s fun. I think you’ll get a lot out of it if you actually implement and just try specifically Hotjar in Shopify. If you’ve every used Hotjar shopify, just try that and then segment by ages. Again, the big takeaway here is don’t try to multitask your businesses. Focus on one at a time, get each one rocking, and then you can make it kick ass. All right, guys. Talk to you later. Bye.


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