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The Next 5-Day Ecom Profit Challenge Starts On August 29, 2022 at 3 pm PST


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You Are Already Better at Traffic Than You Need to Be…

Despite what you may have been led to believe, you don’t have to be a ninja at traffic in order to grow and scale your store.

In fact, you are probably better at traffic than you need to be.

The reason you’re not scaling to the level you want is because something else is wrong—hint, hint … it’s NOT your ads.

It’s your STORE!

Your unoptimized store is the problem.

Let me give you an example that will make it all click…


The Leaky Bucket Syndrome

If you think of your store as a bucket and the traffic as water going into the bucket …

… most of that water will leak out of your bucket because your bucket has a ton of holes—all kinds of different issues that are causing friction for your visitors.

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Broken code

Slow page load

Lack of clarity

Visual complexity

Poor navigation

Lack of KLT factors

Missing or unoptimized search

Device compatibility issues

No Unique Value Proposition

Poor product descriptions

Wasted above-the-fold space

Complicated/confusing cart

Too many form fields

Incorrect use of popups

Incorrect use of reviews

Walls of text

No social proof

Complicated sales flow

Everything Listed Above Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. There Are Well Over 100 Other Leaks That I Didn’t List.

All of those leaks add up to lost opportunities and sales. We call this the Leaky-Bucket Syndrome.

And the more leaks you have, the harder it is for your business to turn a profit, much less grow.

Most businesses ignore the leaks and try to solve the problem by buying more traffic. This is like Using a Firehose to Water a Flower, which is overkill and wasteful.

This behavior leads to …

15% increase in ATC

111% Increase in reaching the checkout

68% of customers who reached checkout completed the order

55% increase in seassions converted

And worst of all … it ultimately ends up destroying the flower (or in this case, your business).

Now, while this is the reality of the ecommerce space—over 50% of all ecom stores fail in their first year—it does NOT have to be your reality.

The good news is that all of those problems mentioned above can easily be fixed by focusing on plugging as many of the leaks in your store as you can first before spending any money on traffic.

When You Patch the Leaks on Your Store, Growing and Scaling Becomes Easy

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Once you’ve patched the leaks on your store, then ALL of your different traffic sources will convert much better.

That is how you get exponential “hockey-stick” growth.

When you do this right …

  • Your store will convert better.
  • Facebook will optimize your ads better.
  • Your traffic will get cheaper.
  • You will be able to ACTUALLY scale.

This is our secret sauce—optimizing before maximizing. There is no other way.

If you try to maximize a broken system (store), you will only get to the bottom faster.

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

—Stephen Covey

The "Ecom Profit Challenge" Is Designed To Show You HOW To Patch Those Leaks

After generating over $400 million dollars in ecommerce sales for our clients, our students and ourselves, we learned what works and what doesn’t.

In this challenge, you’re going to go behind the scenes and discover our biggest secrets and strategies for optimizing your store (plugging the leaks).

The average global ecommerce conversion rate is around 2%.

The benchmark average on our students’ and clients’ stores starts around 4%. And some of their stores are converting at 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, and beyond.

During this challenge you’re going to discover EXACTLY how to do it—how YOU can get those high conversion rates, high revenue, high AOV, and high lifetime customer value.

This challenge is about helping you optimize your store FAST!

So don’t wait any longer and join the challenge NOW!

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Start Making Money On Day 1!

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Just for attending this challenge, you are going to get our proprietary BGS AOV Bump App that our 30+ multimillion-dollar partners use on their stores, for FREE!

This one little checkbox (just one of the ways the app can be used), gave our stores a …

  • 15% increase in AOV
  • 10.5% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 27% increase in Revenue per User

When you log into the challenge on Day 1, you’ll get our custom-built private app (previously available only to our clients). This AOV-boosting app allows you to add a strategically placed “Order Bump” on the product page or cart page.

After significant testing, we’ve found the perfect placement of this app to increase AOV and even conversion!

Best of all, you’re getting our AOV Bump app absolutely FREE! We will also help you set it up so you can start making more money on day 1!

What You Get In 5 Days

Here are all the things you’re going to receive by participating in this challenge.


DAY 1 : Average Order Value Session

Start making more money on Day 1 of the Challenge! This session is all about maximizing your AOV.

And also about how to install and use our AOV Bump App that you’re getting ABSOLUTELY FREE just for participating in this ecommerce challenge.

  • Install our custom BGS AOV Bump App (no coding needed).
  • Get step-by-step guidance from our team.
  • Get an instant increase of AOV (average order value) from the same traffic.
George-Lazidis-1 1
George-Lazidis-2-1 1

George got his first sale a few hours after installing the app.


DAY 2: Conversion Session

Copy our proven conversion best practices for every page of your store and experience exponential revenue growth in your bottom line.

  • Learn the approaches and methods that have been tested and proven on multiple millions of dollars of traffic.
  • Boost conversion on home, category, product, cart, and checkout pages.
  • Remove “sales friction.”
  • Look over our shoulder as we critique a LIVE store
  • Get actionable ideas to apply on your store.
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