Ecommerce Marketing: This Is The Reason Your Business Is Not Growing.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hey, guys. Tanner Larsson here. And I want to kind of start this one off with a statement. And that is: You don’t have a business until you can afford to buy your customers. Now, that’s a pretty bold statement. And it’s something that shocks a lot of people when I say it from stage,


Ecom Warning: Don’t Make the Same Mistakes as Ashley Furniture on Your Website

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hey—how’s it going? Alex here, from Build Grow Scale (BGS). I’m a Revenue Optimization expert and I help ecommerce businesses grow and scale through optimizing their stores. And in this training, we’re going to talk about my shopping experience on Ashley Furniture [HomeStore] from the other day and the few problems/issues on their website …


Branding Your Ecom Business: How to Create a Message That Evokes Passion and Loyalty

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s been said that, “People don’t buy products—they buy brands.” It’s dramatic … but it’s not true in all cases. Sometimes you just need a kitchen towel, and you don’t care about the brand.  But new brands entering the fiercely competitive ecommerce space, heed this advice: Creating a clear brand message that resonates for people


5 Ways Shopify Can Help Your Ecommerce Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Shopify has become the top industry leader in the ecommerce game. With over one million online stores using this platform, it’s easily the most well-known and well-used platform worldwide! Given the climate of the world over the past year, with a pandemic looming in everyone’s life, more business transferred to online stores than in any


7 Simple Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition in Ecommerce

Reading Time: 8 minutes The dramatic changes in the ecommerce world over recent years have built competitive momentum as multiple businesses carry similar products in their stores.  More than ever, each business needs to find ways to capture the attention of customers and ensure that they, not their competitors, get the sale.  What do ecom businesses need to do


Can I Compete with the Big Brands in Ecommerce?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Is this a question you don’t think about much because you’re just getting established? You should! The truth is that it’s possible to compete with successful ecommerce businesses. You can do some things the way they do them and some that are unique to you. Those can give you the slight edge to get into


What If You Could Interview All Your Shopify Store Visitors?

Reading Time: 6 minutes People are discovering your Shopify store. Your marketing channels are coming alive, and your messaging is resonating with potential customers. That’s a great starting point. But how do you know what’s actually working? Further, how do you know you’re not leaving even more conversions on the table? What if you could interview every single person


Ecommerce Stores: Don’t Break the Bank… Break Even!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Breaking Even on the Frontend Should Be Your Main Goal with Paid Traffic All successful marketers start with this sales funnel … It’s called a Break-Even Funnel. What’s a break-even funnel, you ask? It’s not a typical sales funnel (the path buyers travel as they head toward making a purchase). It simply means that whenever