How to Drive Ecommerce Conversions with User-Generated Content!

Long gone are the days when businesses and corporations were 100 percent in control of their messaging and customers trusted everything they saw from official sources. Too many sketchy businesses have harmed consumer trust, and now consumers have reclaimed quite a bit of power by helping each other find the diamonds in the saturated markets. …

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Provide a Bespoke Experience with Great Mobile-Optimized Images

During one of our Ecom Insider Jam Sessions a few moons ago, I learned that store owners were having difficulty handling their images while also trying to keep page speed high. Note: Jam Sessions are a weekly event for Ecom Insider members. During these sessions, revenue optimization experts look over EI members’ stores and give…

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The 3 Reasons Your Store Needs a Mobile-Optimized Banner

mobile banner

More and more ecommerce traffic is happening on mobile devices. While desktop still tends to win in total sales dollars, mobile is edging into the lead for sessions. Many customers visit your store on their phone after seeing an ad. Later, after carefully reading through everything on desktop, they complete the purchase. It’s simply a…

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You Can’t Just Copy Amazon! (Here’s Why)


Amazon is the titan of the ecommerce world. According to TechCrunch, nearly half of all dollars spent online in the United States is spent at Amazon, and nearly two-thirds of the population of the US visit each month! Naturally, this results in many newer store owners seeing Amazon as the ultimate beacon of what an online store…

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Magnetize Leads with Effective Email Capture

Email Capture

Despite the fantastic results email campaigns can get and the comparative ease of getting a strong campaign working, many stores (especially smaller ones) totally neglect this aspect of marketing to new prospects. Instead, they focus entirely on using Facebook and paid search to capture new customers. However, email is effective with new customers too. Email…

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Crafting Ecommerce Cross-Sells That Convert


Anyone in the world of sales can tell you that cross-selling is important: Why sell one thing, when you can sell two or more? The in-store sales space has been rife with this for ages: staff suggesting monitors or keyboards to go with your new computer, bank employees suggesting a new credit card to go…

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How to Turn Your Product Photos into Stories That Sell

product photos

It’s no secret that product imagery is just about the most important element of your product. After all, more than half of visitors to your product page will jump to interacting with your image gallery before looking at anything else on the page. Yet, even with all that in mind, many store owners settle for basic…

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4 Revenue-Generating Search Types Your Store Needs to Support

Revenue-Generating Search Types

Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t stop when a user finds your store in a Google search. It also extends to your store’s search, because a large portion of users (over 60%) jump straight to the search bar as their primary product-finding strategy. And when it’s your site, you (as opposed to Google) are responsible for ensuring the algorithm works as…

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