Top 10 Profitable Conversion Boosting Apps for Shopify

Taylor Malahoff Jun 30, 2020

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The following Shopify apps will help to improve and boost conversion for your Shopify store. They have all been recommended by senior revenue optimization experts at Build Grow Scale and are used throughout their daily work.

1. Product Filter & Search

You might be asking yourself, “So why are product filters and search important?” They’re important because potential customers who use the search function are 1.8 times more likely to convert than users who don’t use search. As reported by Econsultancy, the average on-site use of a search bar is 5.75%. This can range from 1% to 18%, depending on how well you can make your search bar stand out.

Take the struggle out of trying to implement the perfect search bar, and use Product Filter & Search instead. Boeing, Banana Republic, Durex, Lacoste, and other big-name brands use this app on their Shopify stores, so why not you?

Berkshire Blanket and Home CO Product SearchIn this picture you can see the search bar recommending products with the search term “blanket” and providing suggestions for a more narrow search.

This Shopify app has many different features. Let’s talk about the search bar since it’s the most important. The search bar supports search by product title, SKU, vendor, product type, and so on. It comes with spell-check and autocomplete built in. Also, it can show a live preview of a product, including price and picture. You can make your customers redirect on a specific search term to a page of your choosing, to boost conversion even more.

The filters for this app are a bonus. It supports dynamic filter options based on collections, color, size, and so on. Customers will also be able to choose multiple filters to narrow down their results even more. A very handy feature lets you filter results so that only in-stock items are returned by a search. It also allows you to display out-of-stock items last. The filters are easy to customize to your branding and look.

Berkshire Blanket and Home CO Product FiltersHere you can see the vast number of product filters. These are great if you have a lot of products in your Shopify store.

It is very easy to install with just one click. This Shopify app will cost you at least $19.00 per month. The more products you have, the higher the price of the app.

2. InstantSearch+

You already know how important search bars can be, here’s another alternative that’s recommended by most revenue optimization experts at Build Grow Scale. This one is used by big sites such as Fashion Nova, Pura Vida Bracelets, and many others.

The InstantSearch+ Shopify search bar app does a lot of the same things that the previous app did, but it also includes search metrics and reports. These can be very valuable as you try to optimize your customers search results to give them the best results.

With one important feature, it can provide upsells and cross-sells on your product page based on artificial-intelligence-based analysis of your search results. This is extremely useful for letting customers see the right upsell at the right time.

TeeSpring recommended shirtsHere’s a list of recommended tees on Teespring using the InstantSearch+ app.

The InstantSearch+ app has a free 30-day trial. Their starting plan begins at $19.99 and scales upward, depending on how many customers are using it and the quantity of products you’ve listed.


It’s very important to have reviews on your product page. Customers will look for review stars underneath your product titles and for written reviews at the end of your product page. According to a study conducted by Baymard Institute, 95% of customers relied upon reviews when evaluating or educating themselves about products. is one of the best reviews apps out there for Shopify. It provides an easy summary for your customers that includes user photos and overall star rating, and customers can use it to filter and sort.

pasted image 0 6Here’s the summary of reviews.

You are able to customize fonts, layout, and add your own logo to keep the reviews in line with your brand. It’s very easy to set up with just one click, and it comes with product recommendations on its product page so that you can generate more revenue.

The great thing about for beginners is that it is completely free as long as you are making less than 50 orders per month. Then it increases to $15 per month and more, depending on the quantity of orders you have. So go try it out!

4. Zipify OneClickUpsell

The king of the post-purchase upsell has to be Zipify OneClickUpsell (OCU). Boosting your average order value helps to increase profitability on your store since you’ve already used paid advertising to get users there.

But offering upsells before a customer has bought anything can ruin a potential sale. That’s why Zipify created OCU.

Zipify OCU easily integrates with Shopify so that when your customer buys something, they’re directed to a one-click upsell page and then a thank you page. These upsells will be added seamlessly to the initial order.

pasted image 0 3Offering the post-purchase one-click upsell.

Their easy-to-use Upsell Funnel Builder and upsell creator make things easy to do for those who don’t know how to code. They offer reports so that you can check which upsells are performing, and you can even split test them.

Zipify OneClickUpsell starts at $56.00 per month with an additional cost of 2.5% of upsell revenue.

5. Klaviyo

Email marketing is super necessary when you’ve created a sizable email list. According to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you will get a return of $44.That is a 4,400% return on your investment.

Klaviyo offers the best email marketing automation in the business. They have pre-built templates that you can use, or you can customize them yourself if you know HTML. Klaviyo can send personalized emails to certain audience segments so that you can boost that email conversion rate. Another handy feature is that it can send out emails to customers who signed up for an out-of-stock item on your store. When the item comes back in stock, those customers will be notified. This alone has increased revenue on some of our stores.

pasted image 0 2Some of the prebuilt email templates from Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is free up to 250 email contacts. Then it starts at $20.00 per month and increases depending on how big your email list is.

6. Carts Guru

According to OptinMonster, on average, about 76% of customers abandon the cart. But, per Moosend, 10.7% of those customers will convert when sent an “abandoned checkout” email. Don’t leave money on the table.

When we think of an abandoned cart, we think of Carts Guru. Carts Guru easily integrates with Shopify in one click. Its main offer is its abandon cart features using Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email. Also, it offers post-purchase upsells just like Zipify OneClickUpsell (discussed above). I’d recommend this app if you are looking for an easier flow than with Klaviyo.

pasted image 0 1Multichannel marketing messages for those customers who have left their carts.

Carts Guru is free up to 300 contacts and then starts at $10.00 per month. It will increase per month if you continue to get more contacts or send more SMS messages.

7. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty was built for boosting sales on your already existing customer base. In fact, repeat customers have a 60% to 70% conversion rate, according to Geckoboard. It’s extremely important that you keep those customers loyal and that they trust in your brand. Think of Apple and how successful they are with their loyal customer base.

With Smile: Rewards & Loyalty, you can implement a rewards program on your website. If customers give a review, sign up to your email list, or leave a like on a blog post, then they can all be rewarded with loyalty points. They can redeem these points for coupons or free gifts at checkout. You can even incentivize a referral program so that customers can tell their friends and family about your great products. It’s a win-win.

pasted image 0 8                                                        Customers can redeem points for certain things.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty is free for up to 10+ ways to reward your customers. It then begins at $49.99 per month for more added features. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to retain a loyal customer base.

8. ReCharge

Having a subscription model that your customers can join can earn recurring revenue for your business. It can also ease the troubles of the rollercoaster of revenue. Subscription models guarantee a stable and compounding flow of revenue that is usually higher than a one-time purchase.

ReCharge is essential when you want to easily integrate a subscription model with some of your products on Shopify. They offer a subscribe-and save-option to your customers to incentivize them. They integrate smoothly within Shopify, and customers can even manage their own subscriptions on your website.

pasted image 0 4Easily manage repeat orders and delivery.

ReCharge starts for free and begins to bill you after $100,000 USD in sales. Their standard subscription is $39.99 per month with a “1% plus 5 cents” fee on every transaction. If you’re considering a subscription model for your product, then this will be the app you use on Shopify.

9. Gorgias

Some 44% of all customers like to have their questions answered using live chat, reports Forrester Research. They prefer to have the chat right now, on your website. This can help with closing warm leads, generating frequently asked questions, and improving your product pages (if, for example, customers are missing some particular information). Getting customer feedback is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to your conversion rate.

Gorgias is one of the leaders in live chat on your Shopify store. They provide information to each of your customers so that you don’t have to keep switching tabs while you’re talking so that you can look up their order. You can also easily input any information regarding your customer with a click of the button in your message.

Gorgias provides automation to questions that you hear over and over again. This can help reduce the overall number of requests for your chat representative. Gorgias will also integrate with Facebook and Instagram so you can comment on posts as well. If you have multiple stores, it can integrate them all in one place.

pasted image 0 5Easily input customer data without having to look it up in Shopify.

Gorgias starts at $50.00 per month for 350 tickets. If your store experiences a lot of tickets, then prices will go up from there. We highly recommend this app for ease of use and for opportunities to figure out what questions the content of your product pages isn’t answering on your product pages.

10. Trackify

If your store gets quite big and you want to hone in on your Facebook pixel optimization, then Trackify is the app for you. Note: As reported by Business of Apps, Facebook accounted for 80.4% of social referrals to ecommerce websites in Q1 2019. The Facebook platform is one of the major pay-per-click (PPC) advertising sites; you need to be advertising on it.

Trackify helps to manage all your Facebook pixels. It can also tag and create events within your pixel in order to segment and create custom audiences. This helps you fine-tune your pixel and, in turn, reduces your cost on Facebook ads. Trackify will also automatically create tags for each of your products or collections.

pasted image 0 7Multiple pixels are shown in the “Pixel Engine” tab.

Trackify starts at $29.95 per month for three pixels. While this app is very valuable and can give you some great gains and insight for your Facebook campaigns, I only recommend this to more advanced ecommerce users and Facebook managers.

Choose Your Own!

While these are apps that we personally use to help boost our customers’ revenue (and that have been proven to us), you can find similar apps that might do the same thing within your price range. Some apps are better built than others, and new apps hit the Shopify app store everyday.

Just remember that having the essentials—such as product reviews, live chat, and more—covered is extremely important, especially if you’re looking for ways to increase your revenue.


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