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Business Tech Ninjas May 12, 2021

Welcome to Episode 055 of Optimized Ecommerce – BGS Ecom Insider Success Story. I’m your host, Tanner Larsson, CEO of BGS.

BGS means Build Grow Scale! It is a community that we founded where eCommerce entrepreneurs and physical product sellers come to learn how to take their businesses to the next level.

Carrie Newman is one of the long-time members of the BGS Ecom Insider Program. She is the Owner and Director of Operation at Cerus Gear—an ecom store that specializes in creating innovative systems which promote gun safety, skill-building, and gun maintenance, they believe that “a clean gun is a safe and accurate gun”.

From day one Carrie believes in what we do and supports the other family members at BGS. She has gone from scrapping a business she thought was good to building a new one from the ground up — doing exactly what we teach. Carrie is also branching off into wholesale and has started to manufacture her own products. We’re glad to have her on the show and talk more about her success story.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

First, we dive into how Carrie Newman started her Ecom business.

Carrie described herself as a business fan girl. Growing up, she always admired how his father ran his business. She has known from a young age that she will go into the business world.

When Carrie bought an existing ecom business, she wanted to handle that business efficiently. She read our book, Ecommerce Evolved, and then, a few months later, joined the Ecom Insider Program.

Carrie followed everything that was written in the book and got on every single call at Ecom Insider to guide her through the process.

Then, we talked about Carrie’s journey in building her business from zero to millions of dollars.

Because of COVID, Carrie has to push through with the B2C side instead of focusing only on wholesale. The foundation was there, but she had not really focused on running paid traffic and email. So, they decided to cut bait because they had no idea what COVID was going to do.

Carrie threw a whole bunch of money for Facebook ads, which were set up by a BGS member, and started running them. Then, it immediately took off! Her wholesale died down for a little bit but in 2019 and 2020, she enjoyed a 63% increase and her BTC side matched almost exactly in sales revenue within a year. Carrie went from 2% retail sales to 50%.

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • What was it like when Carrie received her 7-figure award?
  • Carrie’s perspective about Revenue Optimization.
  • Finally, what is Carrie’s best advice on building an ecom business?

But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those!

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