Optimized Ecommerce EP 021 – Gathering Customer Data Gold

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Business Tech Ninjas Sep 09, 2020

Welcome to Episode 021 of Optimized Ecommerce – Gathering Customer Data Gold. I’m your host, Tanner Larsson CEO of BGS with Dominik Meiu, Revenue Optimization Specialist at BGS.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Dominik Meiu, he is not only the youngest team member in BGS but also one of the most effective revenue experts in our pool of experts in our optimization team. In fact, some of our biggest accounts rely on his technical skills to boost their sales and scale.

Truth be told, we are overwhelmed by too much data. Oftentimes we don’t know what data is needed, what can we do with it and how do we get it. That’s what we’ll find out in today’s episode as Dom shares some very important points on how he collects customer data and how it can be converted into revenue.

BGS means Build Grow Scale! It is a community that we founded where eCommerce entrepreneurs and physical product sellers come to learn how to take their businesses to the next level.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

Icons do the work!

Believe it or not but icons get more responses and engagement than words. Your website visitors slash potential buyers are now reading less, and scrolling more. They scroll too fast that they miss relevant information such as shipping costs. Icons make them pause and read the text next to it. Icons simplify the look and make it convenient for your customers to locate what they need to know.

Avatars are the next big thing

Your avatar is the embodiment of your ideal customer, the perfect reflection, easily recognizable by everyone. It should be a detailed representation of the customers you want to sell to. But you can only customize your avatar if you have collected the right information from your visitors and repeat customers. So don’t miss that opportunity to gather information for your avatar.

Do not be a General Store

Do not even try and attempt to sell to “everybody” because no one wants to buy from a store that sells to everyone. Instead, use your customer avatar to narrow down your target customers. This is a more profitable way to do business than trying to push your product to a general market base.

We also discussed a few other fun topics, including:

  • There are a lot of ways you can collect data from your customers – both potential and existing customers. You just have to find out which one will work for your store.
  • You can utilize a lot of free and paid online resources like Wufoo, Lucky Orange and of course, Google to collect, segregate, and compile all these data.
  • Once you have all the data, you can get creative with it. Do not limit yourself to the conventional way of thinking, always think out of the box. The sky is the limit.

But you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear about those!

How To Stay Connected With Dominik

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Also, Dom mentioned the following items on the show. You can find that on:

  • Lucky Orange – is a customer feedback tool that helps increase the conversion rate for a website.
  • Hotjar – user feedback and behavioral analytics service
  • Wufoo – is a web application that builds online forms