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An incredible opportunity to personally work with
the World’s #1 "Revenue Optimization" experts so you can experience …

The Fastest & Most Effective Way To 10X
Your Revenue With Proven Data-Driven Insights, Custom
Shopify Apps, Winning Marketing Campaigns &
World Class LIVE Mentoring!


√  Bi-Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with Tanner, Matthew and the RO Team to critique your store and strategy.

√  Weekly “Traffic Talk” LIVE sessions with feedback on your Facebook ad (or any traffic) strategies from a leading ecom traffic agency.

√  Weekly “Tech Tuesday & SEO” LIVE Calls To Get Instant TECH Help & Support SEO advice.

√  Bi-Weekly Copywriting & Klaviyo sessions with LIVE critiques on your store pages, emails and strategy, product descriptions, funnels, or ads!

√  G.S.D. (Get Sh*t Done) Reports with a winning Ecommerce "Marketing Campaign In A Box," mailed to your door every month.

√  Ongoing Online Training Courses for multiple topics, like Revenue Optimization, Product Sourcing, Copywriting, Google Analytics, User Testing, Product Page, and more ...

√  NEW Revenue-Optimization Shopify Theme - Fully Customized and Proven-To-Convert Shopify Theme with over $20,000 of development and ongoing updates.

√  Custom-Built Shopify Revenue-Boosting Apps that we use across all our Stores to increase Conversion Rate, AOV, and LTV.

√  24/7 Active PRIVATE Facebook Group community where you get all your questions answered in minutes.

√  FREE Admission to BGS LIVE conference and exclusive member incentives, suppliers contacts, resources and more!

"Make Your Traffic Profitable
And Let Us Help You Scale"

In the last 24 months, we've helped ...


people become first-time

6-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

7-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

8-Figure Store Owners


Join Your Fellow Ecompreneurs In What Industry Experts Are Calling The Best Ecommerce Coaching Program, Ever!


Will You Be Next To Receive
The BGS 7-Figure Ecommerce Club Award?

As an Ecom Insider member, you are automatically “in the race” to be recognized and awarded the exclusive 7-figure Ecommerce Club award … or the 8-Figure Ecommerce Club Award. Take your pick, because it can happen fast!

Don’t believe me? Take a look below at our 28 award-winning clients from our mid-year 2018 event …

And here's a bunch of them receiving awards on stage at the BGS Live conference.


Sam & Boris Savransky

Our story just proves that absolutely anyone could build a 7-figure ecom store with the help of BGS Ecom Insider ... even immigrants like us that didn’t speak a word of English when we came to US. Just like in the story of the 4-minute mile. Ecom Insider helped us see things that we didn’t know were possible in e-commerce, like getting conversions north of 8% on a consistent and long-term basis ... regardless of the niche or industry. That simply means the net profit grows exponentially faster and higher. Quite frankly, with Ecom Insider, it feels like having the keys to the kingdom!


David & Archer Worsham

Our partnership as brothers has brought us a long way since we began our e-commerce journey. We’ve made many mistakes, lost a lot of money, and have overcome many obstacles. We've both wasted tens of thousands of dollars on consulting that was washed up and no good. The value we’ve received from Ecom Insider is incomparable to any other e-commerce consulting or trainings we’ve been a part of or seen. Nowadays, we don’t bother learning from anyone else. If you want to learn silly tactics that may make you some short cash and end up back at square one eventually, then learn elsewhere. If you want to learn the best practices of e-commerce so you can keep growing your business to new heights, then join E.I. If you’re on the fence about joining Ecom Insider, our best suggestion to you is to just dive in and give it a try. Their guidance has resulted in us scaling a small business that was barely existent online to an 8-figure company. Without their consulting, our road to scaling our company to 9 (and possibly 10) figures would have been really bumpy.

John William Johnson

Being an Ecom Insider has brought back hope that anything is possible! I went from selling health products at trade shows to owning a 7-figure Shopify store, and still going! All you have to do is be persistent and follow instructions from the experts in Ecom Insider. It’s all about the networking and relationships, and I highly recommend Ecom Insider.


Revenue Optimization™ plays an integral and ongoing role in each of these award winners' ecommerce brands.

And in case you're wondering, these people have stores in every market you can imagine:

✔  Apparel
✔  Jewelry
✔  Gym equipment
✔  Fitness
✔  Supplements
✔  Health care
✔  Furniture
✔  Automotive
✔  Pets
✔  Welding
✔  Sewing
✔  Electronics
✔  Outdoors
✔  Sports
✔  Beauty
✔  Kitchen
✔  Office
And more ...

Why Don't YOU Be Our Next Award Winner?

In the last 24 months, we've helped ...


people become first-time

6-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

7-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

8-Figure Store Owners



TOUGH questions, STRAIGHT answers!

Q1: Are you still struggling to make your TRAFFIC PROFITABLE?
Q2: Have you HIT THE BRICK WALL and can't get to the next level?
Q3: Have you been BURNED IN THE PAST and don't know who to trust?
Q4: Is your business ROBBING YOU from your joy, health, and relationships?


“The REAL pain is deeper than you think!”

We recently surveyed and interviewed a portion of our BGS community to find the pain points in their ecom businesses. What we found was astonishing

The REAL pain is deeper than you think. Most problems go far beyond increasing conversion rate, growing the team, or getting Facebook ads to convert. 

The stress of a "stagnant" business affects family life, marriages, health, and self-confidence.  

Too many people are attaching their store's

success to their own self worth … 

…. Where moods and happiness fluctuate according to how Facebook performed on the day …

…  Where working extra hours takes priority over your fitness, health, or time with the kids …

… Where things are so unpredictable that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to relax with confident hope that things will  be OK ...

… Where the first love of the business has dissolved and you question if all this work is worth the stress?

… When you’ve sacrificed too much and come too far to quit … 

… So you just "turn up" and continue with the grind, hoping the next day will be better.

Friend, if that’s you, let us help. You’re not alone, and there is a better way. Truth be told, things can change fast.

You don’t need to drown in a fire hose of information … All you need is "specialized" information. 

You see, you don’t have to be an “expert” at everything … You simply need to know WHAT TO DO NEXT! 

And that’s where we will help you. No more expensive guesswork on your part. 

We have data from over $400,000,000 of ecom sales in recent years that we have distilled. We know what works. We will show you what levers to pull so you can become more profitable, faster.

Try Watching This Without Crying!

Carrie's incredible journey from zero to 7 figures

Imagine if ...


You knew the exact changes to make on your store to increase conversions on every single page?


You had access to a highly optimized Shopify theme plus 3 plug-and-play apps that would instantly make you more store revenue, plus increase AOV … WITHOUT spending more money on traffic?


You could jump on LIVE coaching calls each week with legitimate ecommerce experts responsible for multiple 7-figure Shopify stores, and get answers, critiques, or feedback on any aspect of your business?


You were sent winning marketing campaigns and split-test results each month with step-by-step instructions on how to implement and turn into revenue?

Read below for more on this …


Over $50 Million

We've sold well over $50 Million in the past few years and I still learn from Matthew, Tanner, and the other Insiders every day! Couldn't be happier to be a part of the EI Family.

—Cory Rush


What Makes Ecom Insider Different?

This is NOT just another coaching program with a fire hose of out-of-date information that no one has time to implement …

As an Ecom Insider, you’ll get instant access to real-time, data-driven optimization tactics and strategies that have been tested in multiple markets with millions of dollars of Facebook ad spend.

And you get them served up on a silver platter every month, week, sometimes even every day … Ready for you to implement so you make more profit with less guessing.

Our members are breaking records because we teach them the #1 single-most important area of growing your ecommerce business.

No, it’s not Facebook advertising … or finding the right niche ... And it’s not finding a unique product. (We’ve tried it all.) Here’s what we openly share with our members …

The ONE THING to Double, Triple, Even 10X Your Store that takes away your frustrations around traffic, product, conversions, cash flow and growth … almost instantly!

We call it …


"Revenue Optimization" is single handedly responsible for over $33 Million of NEW Shopify sales in the last 6 months … and counting!

Our proprietary Revenue Optimization strategies have helped our clients get astronomical results in record time.

One store took 6 months to turn over $114,000, and after only 16 days of implementing Revenue Optimization, they were doing $50,000 days!

Yes, go back and read that sentence s-l-o-w-l-y … It’s true!


Why Trust Us Over Anyone Else?

You’ll be glad to know that Build Grow Scale™ is NOT a company with smooth-talking sales people who promise the world but underdeliver. Ever been on one of those phone calls? 

Sadly, we hear horror stories almost every day of people being BURNED by high-priced agencies or underwhelming coaching programs. It’s hard to know who to trust these days, right? We get it.

If you want help taking your business to the next level, here’s a tip … 

Don’t choose a company based on someone’s personality. Instead, choose a company who has the most real-time DATA! 

There are too many so-called "experts" polishing up outdated content and rehashing it to make it sound attractive. 

Don’t buy into the lie! 

To be blunt, trusting people is a risk, but you can trust data. Numbers don’t lie—data is KING!

Over $250,000,000 ecommerce sales per year!

Yep ... one quarter of a BILLION dollars in sales PER YEAR are linked to our Build Grow Scale partnerships and coaching programs. 

Suffice it to say, with that massive volume of sales data, we don’t have to wait too long to see what works! Furthermore ...

  • Build Grow Scale is a behind-the-scenes growth partner to some of the most successful ecommerce brands on the planet.

  • At any given time we are running the data, optimization, email, and split testing for 20+ multi seven- and multi eight-figure brands.
  • Our team of 73 optimization experts collects and analyzes more ecom sales and performance data in a week than most stores could do in a lifetime.
  • We have the sales data from over $1,000,000,000 of paid traffic PER MONTH that contributes to over $25 million in physical product sales every month.
  • We only work with ecom brands. It's all we do 24/7, 365 days a year, and over the past 5 years, we've learned exactly what moves the needle to grow a brand.

And the best news?

We share what works (and what doesn’t) exclusively with our Ecom Insider members.

It’s now clear why we create more success stories that anyone else we know.

We don’t beat our chests claiming to be the best … We let the data do the talking, and number’s don’t lie!

Established Personal Health Brand Implemented Our Proprietary Growth System and Added an Extra $800k to Their Income in the First 90 Days...


As an established health brand, Organifi was doing everything right ... and by most people's standards, they were.

Because we've had the opportunity to work on so many different stores, we were able to identify things that they wouldn’t have been able to discover on their own.

Within 90 days of working with us, they added an extra $800,000 to their income and more than tripled their run rate for the year.

The annual run rate of this brand is now north of $24,000,000!

"Make Your Traffic Profitable
And Let Us Help You Scale"

In the last 24 months, we've helped ...


people become first-time

6-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

7-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

8-Figure Store Owners



Introducing, your mentors:


Tanner Larsson

Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author


Matthew Stafford

Jumps Out of Perfectly Good Airplanes


Bret Thomson

Copywriting Expert, Bestselling Author


Tanner Larsson

Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author

The guy who started it all. Tanner has been in the ecommerce space since 2001 and is the founder of Build Grow Scale. He is also the author of Ecommerce Evolved, which has become the bible of modern-day ecommerce. Tanner’s teachings have been used by thousands of ecompreneurs to build 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses ... And as a result, he’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc, Huffington Post, Forbes, and more as the #1 Ecommerce Instructor on the planet. The only difference between you and Tanner is the number of times he’s been willing to fail to figure out the roadmap he now shares with you.


Matthews Stafford

Jumps Out of Perfectly Good Airplanes

Matthew is Tanner's partner in Build Grow Scale and the mad scientist behind the data and development of BGS's "Revenue Optimization" system. He got his start online running traffic to his brick-and-mortar businesses. This morphed into selling physical products and ultimately building out an enterprise-level print-on-demand platform and print facility.

Matt has a keen eye for impediments in the customer journey and is great at interpreting the data to find the diamonds in the rough. He also has a knack for seeing things from the business owner's perspective, having run his own companies for the past 27 years.

Although he won't tell you himself, he's also become known as the top Shopify optimization expert in the game and spends a ton of time turning away people that want to work with him.


Bret Thomson

Copywriting Expert, Bestselling Author

Bret is one of the world's leading copywriting experts from Australia and is responsible for over $250 Million of sales. He's also a bestselling author, international speaker, and mentor to thousands on direct response marketing and funnels.

Bret has been the secret weapon behind some of the largest (and most profitable) direct response marketing campaigns in Australia. His ability to nail the BIG IDEA and turn words into money is admired and respected by the most seasoned marketing experts around the world.

In the commerce world, Bret is renowned for using his copywriting and marketing skills to generate up to 50% repeat customer rates ... plus, record-breaking campaigns and RO breakthroughs for fast-moving 7- to 8-figure Shopify stores.

Bret has been a sought after speaker at some of the most popular ecommerce events in the US, Singapore, Australia, and Japan ... and is a major contributor the Ecom Insider community.

Just a Few of the People Whose Businesses Have Grown As a Result of a Build Grow Scale Event and Coaching


Ed O'Keefe


Vinnie Fisher


Dane Alexander


Matt Schmitt


Anthony Codisposti


Thomas DeLauer


Boris Savranski


Daniel Matishak


Stefen Georgi


Trey Lewellen


Kevin Madison


Tony Grebmeier


Phil Kyprianou


Robert Nava


Nolan Paquette


Ryan Coisson


Ricky Mataka


Elizabeth Herrera

Live Coaching

The best coaching is done LIVE,
not from recorded videos or manuals.

Every single week you have an opportunity to join different
LIVE COACHING CALLS to get your most burning questions answered,
or get feedback and live critiques from our team of experts.
Here are the topics we make available for you …


Facebook Friday


Every Friday, you can join a LIVE session with our resident Facebook ad expert, Victoria, and ask any questions or get feedback on your strategy, campaigns, or analytics. Or, watch and learn from the endless insights shared from other members' feedback and questions.


Tech Tuesday


Tech problems? Not to worry. Every Tuesday, our resident tech whiz, “Agent Igor,” runs a LIVE session to help with any tech-related issues. If it’s quick and easy, he’ll fix your problems live on the call! Any bigger issues can be handled with Igor’s team outside of EI at a reasonable price.


Copywriting Critiques & Training

Having trouble writing compelling copy for your product descriptions, funnel pages, emails, or Facebook ads? Fear not. Join our copywriting expert, Bret Thomson, on our bi-weekly LIVE copywriting feedback sessions to get instant copywriting critiques and training, and recent split-test results!


From $300K to $2 Million per month!

Since we started working with Build Grow Scale, our sales have increased from $300K per month to $2 Million per month, and we're not slowing down.

—Keegan Rush


NEW Optimized Shopify Theme

Want higher conversions fast?

Easy. Use our highly-optimized NEW Shopify Theme that has been proven to boost conversions on every single page. All the data-driven conversion elements are included. Here’s what to expect when you use our latest theme …

√ Homepage converts better

√ Collections page converts better

√ Product page converts better

√ Cart page converts better

√ Checkout page converts better

We’ve invested over $20,000 USD in development costs, and we CONTINUALLY optimize your theme based on our data-driven results, tested on our own 20+ Shopify stores.

Private Members Area

You’ll get private access to our exclusive membership platform, which holds all our training and resources in one convenient spot.

√ Call recordings from our LIVE sessions

√ Access to our Revenue App Suite

√ Open training videos covering multiple topics

√ Valuable resources compiled in an easy-to-access area called “The Brain”

√ Advanced training courses that can be unlocked with your monthly “Golden Ticket” when you feel you need them

If you ever miss a LIVE training session, you can go to the members area to watch the replay!

Quality Online Courses for You and Your Team

Want to be a Revenue Optimization expert to increase your conversion rates?

Or to have a team member be trained in the latest email marketing strategies?

Or know how to write high-converting persuasive copy like a pro?

Or maybe demystify Google Analytics, making reading data fun, easy, and profitable?

I could go on, but here’s my point …

I want you to think of BGS as the "ecommerce training center" for you and your team as it grows.

All of the valuable skills above (and more) can be learned via our high-quality online training courses. Most importantly, these courses are made current so they never become outdated.

THIS is one of the biggest initiatives for our Ecom Insider community.

Let's be real … mastering the ecom game is no small feat. Our industry changes like the wind and there’s a lot to learn.

Keeping up with it all can be stressful and overwhelming.

When you become an Ecom Insider member, you’ll feel confident, knowing that we are constantly investing time, money, and resources into creating high-quality training courses that you can use for yourself or share with your team.

They say “knowledge is power” ... but too much knowledge can drag you down.

“Specialized knowledge” is power, and we have the specialized knowledge to help you grow and scale with more ease.


It's really amazing how fast you can turn a store around. Our store was doing $2k-$3k/month in total sales Jan-April. Put $218k up in May. Last month, we cranked out $568k.

—Archer Worsham


What makes Ecom Insider different? Simple. We know that you don’t make money from learning. You make money from implementing.

This is NOT like other coaching programs that fire-hose their members with information … We only give you actionable data-driven materials with step-by-step instructions and support, so you get stuff done!

GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Report

Enough learning! It’s time to GET SH*T DONE! Each and every month, you will be given a “Marketing-Campaign-in-a-Box” strategy that has been tested to make money!

You’ll get a different winning strategy served up on a silver platter each month. Strategies like ...


Winning email holiday promotions

Best Facebook messaging campaigns

Complete cart abandonment campaigns

Money-making post-purchase emails

Winning buy-or-die non-buyer emails

Plug-and-play system for getting referrals

And more, with full installation instructions

Just ONE of the GSD REPORTS should pay for your whole yearly membership, right out of the gate! These reports are famous in our community for the easy-to-follow detailed outlines on how to implement this into your business and start making money instantly!


Private Facebook Community

24/7 support and accountability. Unlike all the other gazillion
Facebook groups out there, ours is highly ACTIVE,
valuable, and full of incredible shares.


The culture of our EI community is one of generosity and sharing. You could literally ask any question, and within minutes, you’ll get a response. If not from our team of experts, from our active members.

No matter where you are on your ecom journey, you will be supported and advised by 7- to 8-figure store owners who have a heart to help.

There’s no place for EGO in this group. It’s like one big happy family willing to help and share.

Use this group to get your daily questions answered or learn from others' valuable shares.

FREE Tickets to BGS LIVE

It can be lonely in this type of business ... So, once a year, we hold a 2-day BGS LIVE event where ecom experts travel from all over the world to learn the latest Revenue Optimization insights and how to grow and scale their stores.


It’s a paid event ... However, as an Ecom Insider, you get a FREE TICKET. It’s also a fantastic way for us to get to know you personally, plus an opportunity for you to meet and hang out with the Ecom Insider community.

And it's also a place where we recognize our NEW 7-figure Ecommerce Club Award winners, live on stage! Hopefully you’re next to join this exclusive group!

Here's what our Ecom Insider family members have to say ...



An incredible opportunity to personally work with
the World’s #1 "Revenue Optimization" experts, so you can experience …

The Fastest & Most Effective Way To 10X
Your Revenue With Proven Data-Driven Insights, Custom Shopify Apps, Winning Marketing Campaigns, & World-Class LIVE Mentoring!

"Make Your Traffic Profitable
And Let Us Help You Scale."

In the last 24 months, we've helped ...


people become first-time

6-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

7-Figure Store Owners



people become first-time

8-Figure Store Owners


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