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  1. You will NOT be talking to a sales person. No high-pressure sales 'closing' here like everyone else does on these calls. You will actually be speaking with one of our Revenue Optimization Experts.
  2. We will look at where you're at. Whatever your biggest challenges are … I can promise you this: we’ve seen it and we know EXACTLY how to overcome it because we’ve done it hundreds of times before.
  3. We will diagnose exactly what you need to do and bring all of our experience in working with hundreds of 6, 7, and 8-figure ecommerce stores to YOUR business & current situation. You could easily get thousands of dollars of value on this call...which is exactly why we systematized this process to focus on QUALITY and not quantity.
  4. This is not for everybody. We only work with people that are serious about building, growing or scaling their businesses. If you are not ready to take action and do the work, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL and take a slot. This is an opportunity reserved only for action takers.
  5. If you do not show up for your booked call you will NOT get a second chance, because that shows disrespect. And we choose NOT to work with people who disrespect others, especially someone offering insight & wisdom.

Assuming you're good with all the above, we look forward to talking with you soon!

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What Our Clients Say About Us ...

David and Archer Worsham

Just started and already 29% increase!

“I thought I had a fairly optimized store, but after implementing only the first three suggestions (from 20+pages), I saw a 14% increase in add to cart, 29% increase in sales conversions and 12% increase in AOV. And I haven’t even finished going through it all. THANK YOU BGS!”


Best investment of the year

This site audit was hands down the BEST business investment I’ve made all year!”


“222% increase in 3-days!”

The Cole & Coddle Store struggled to grow because their “Value per Visitor” was too low. BGS helpd them take their store…From $0.71 Value-Per-Visitor to $2.29 Value-Per-Visitor in Just 3-Days! In that time, their “Reached Checkout” increased from 2.58% to 6.69%. That’s a 222% increase! Now they’re ready to scale!

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