A Simple Way to Boost Your Ecom Store’s AOV

Joseph Liu Nov 22, 2021

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Hey, everyone! Joe here, from Build Grow Scale. I’m a Revenue Optimization™ expert, and I help ecommerce stores build, grow, and scale their business. In this training, I’m going to talk about one easy way to boost your average order value: your AOV.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

Alright, so you want to boost your AOV. A couple of weeks ago, me and my fiancé were shopping online, trying to buy more shirts, just getting ready for the summer … buying dresses and shirts and shorts, and stuff like that. At the end of our shopping session, my cart value was about 80 euros, and to get free shipping, you needed to spend 100 euros on that website. And my fiancé goes, “I’d rather buy more things than to have to waste money on shipping fees.” And that really struck home to me. I was like, “Interesting … What if we can leverage that on our ecommerce stores?” 

AOV-Boosting Tip

So, a really simple thing you can do to boost your AOV … Well, first look at where your actual average order value number is. Go to the backend of your Shopify store, look at analytics, look at your average order number (how much people are spending every time they convert on your site, on average).

What you want to do if you want to increase 10%, 20%, 25% from that number, is this: Say you have $50 as your average order value, simply add 20% to that, and use that as the free shipping threshold on your store. People want to spend more— buy more products on your store—than waste money on shipping fees.

Now, make sure that it’s easy for them to add those products up to $50 (if that’s the case). One tool I want to share with you that’s really easy to use and looks really good, is having a free shipping threshold progress bar on your cart. So, remind people, “Hey! If you spend up to this amount, you can get free shipping.” Or, usually it says, “You’re $10 away from getting free shipping.” And I’ll show you what that looks like really quick. You can use that with an app, you can custom build it on your own code (that’s possible as well) … But let me just show you what that looks like on a store.

This is a website called Pura Vida … a beautiful website; they’ve done it really, really well. So, in this case for example, this bracelet is nine euros, and I add it to the cart. And in here you will see it says, “ALMOST THERE: ADD €21.48 EUR TO UNLOCK FREE SHIPPING!”


That’s a super powerful thing, right? So, people will just think, “I gotta spend more.” And guess what? They have options to add more products from here. Now, you have to test it and see if this will improve conversions or not, but this part right here is what I’m talking about. This progress bar … People will feel like, “OK, I just gotta spend more to not waste money on shipping.” Super powerful tool you can use very easily on your store if you haven’t done that already.

So, the tool that I recommend to use … You can actually set up this cart really, really easily with this app called Rebuy Personalization Engine.


It does a lot of things on your store, not just the cart. You can dive deeper if you want to. It’s really easy to set up. The thing is called “Smart Cart” … It allows you to set your progress bars very easily. OK? 

Quick Recap

So, let’s recap … 

Number one: Figure out what your average order value number is. If you don’t know, you should, alright? That’s one of the most important things in growing your business—increasing your average order value.

Number two: Add 10%, 20%, 25%—whatever number you want, whatever is realistic to you—and use that as your free shipping threshold. You can set that on the backend of your store in conditions and settings.

Number three: Use the app called Rebuy Personalization Engine. Download it, install it on your store, configure it … super easy to set up. And you’ll see your average order value increase that way.


Is this the “only” way to increase your average order value? No. There are a ton of other tricks, trips, and hacks you can do to boost your AOV the right way. This is one of them.

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