The 3 Types Of Remarketing You Should Be Using

Gabriel Gutierrez Jul 20, 2016

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  • 2:00 Need Two Other Platforms
  • 2:30 Missing Display Ads
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Hey, guys. Tanner Larsson here from Build Grow Scale, and I want to talk to you today about remarketing. Remarketing, also known as retargeting. If you guys have been following me for any length of time you know it’s almost every other word out of my mouth. It’s very important in my mind, and it really is that important in e-commerce business. What we’re talking about here is putting a piece of code, called a pixel or a cookie, on your website that when someone lands on that site it fires that pixel, or activates that pixel, and then sets off an advertising campaign, or an ad that starts floating around the internet attracting them all over the place.You see this all the time if you go to like Zappos, or something, and then all of a sudden that pair of shoes you were looking at, at Zappos is now on Huffington Post, it’s on CNN, it’s all over the place.

Everywhere you go, right?

A lot of stores are jumping on the retargeting bandwagon now finally. It’s been around for a long time, and most people were ignoring it for so long. I was harping on it for a long time, but very few people were actually adopting it.

Now with Facebook, and the way the Facebook pixel works a lot more advertisers are using retargeting through Facebook, but they’re stopping there. The point that I want to make on this remarketing is that that’s not enough. Remarketing is by far the most effective, and will have the highest ROI of any type of paid advertising that you do. With that said if it’s that … If your ROI is the highest, the cost is also the cheapest, maybe you should emphasize it more, and focus on it more. Instead of just marketing through one platform you should be remarketing through multiple platforms.

In our business we drop five different sets of remarketing pixels on every single web page, or website that we’re going to track for. Why five? Because there’s five different key networks that we use in our business. We may not be having ads live on all those networks at once, but at least we have the audience built up, so if we need to turn on a really broad scale, or massive campaign all of a sudden our ads are everywhere. At a minimum, guys, yes be using Facebook. Be using Perfect Audience, or one of the other platforms that allows you on Facebook, but that’s not enough. You need to be also getting at least two other forms of remarketing in.

If you’re leveraging Facebook, using the Facebook ad platform, you’ve got Facebook covered. That even takes you over to Instagram. You’re good there. What you’re missing on the big scale is you’re missing display ads, which on … The content network ads that are on Google, and Bing, and other sites that are out on the regular web, so you need to make sure you’re leveraging a remarketing platform that also allows for display ads. Then the other one you should be leveraging is … Which is Google, which is going to be AdWords, or which … Actually when I refer to AdWords I’m actually talking about YouTube Google remarketing.

You can do retargeting video ads on YouTube. Retargeting and display ads. You can do all of that stuff, and nobody does it. I … Less than 1% of the remarketing is done on YouTube, so it’s a wide open field right now. Hardly anybody’s using it. The ROI is insane, and if you are remarketing on three different platforms, your coverage, and your reach to that audience is massive. Not to mention the fact that you’re going to be much more top of mind in that customer, or visitor’s mind, because they’re seeing you literally everywhere. It also makes your company look bigger and they think,

“Hey. If I’m seeing this everybody else is seeing this,”

Even though that’s not necessarily the case. That’s the power of remarketing. Again, I’m just going to repeat the ROI is the most massive, the largest that you will find in any type of paid advertising that you do.

Make sure you use your remarketing, and make sure you’re using at least three different mediums of remarketing channels, and ideally more, but no less than three. It doesn’t cost you anything to set up these remarketing pixels, so even if you’re not currently running an ad on these platforms at least that audience is building up. You’d rather … When you want to run an ad it would be nice to have an audience to go to, rather than having to start from scratch at that point.

That’s a little talk on remarketing, guys. I love it. We use it heavily in our business. A massive portion of our advertising budget is devoted to remarketing, and that is because like I’ve said multiple times already, it has a massive, massive ROI. Talk to ya later.


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