Are you spending years fumbling in the dark,
learning painful and expensive ecom lessons?

Are you spending years fumbling in the dark, learning painful and expensive ecom lessons?

Increase Your Conversion Rate In Only 3 Short Days

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BGS Reveals Their Proprietary Revenue Optimization System That Produces



May 9 | 10 am PST

(each session will be 60 min LIVE on Zoom and all calls will be recorded)

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Boost Your Conversions & AOV

You are blind to the issues on your site because of banner blindness.
Copy these shockingly simple conversion tweaks that put your site on steroids. Also, just being good at ads is no longer enough. Boost your AOV so you can outspend your competitors and advertise profitably.

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Know Your Audience And Your Numbers

You can’t scale without knowing who you’re selling to. And you can’t manage what you don’t track or understand. You know data is critical to your ecom success. Day 3 will demystify and simplify Google Analytics, so you can use it to win consistently in any economy.

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Crush It With Email & Scale Your Business

You know you need to email but you struggle to even start.
Finally create a solid back-end that generates profits almost on autopilot without being a copywriter. Also, everybody’s talking about “scaling” but what does it actually mean? And how do you do it consistently and sustainably? Follow this plan of attack on how to scale in this volatile economic climate

Here's a taste of what you'll get at the Bootcamp:

  • 3 days of actionable Live training sessions including daily Live Q&A.
  • Get your personal questions answered live every day, so there’s nothing holding you back from getting immediate results
  • Gamified accountability to enjoy every day’s action steps
  • BONUS: Make money on Day 1 with our proprietary proven Shopify AOV-Boosting app for FREE. (It’s not the WHAT, it’s the HOW it works that creates your results 😊

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