One Marketing Channel Ecommerce Businesses Should Not Skip in 2021

While 2021 has brought some huge changes to one of the biggest marketing channels used by most marketers (Facebook), it has only further strengthened another marketing channel that has stood the test of time—and it’s only getting bigger and better!  I’m talking about email marketing. Truly, no other marketing channel out there right now offers…

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Page Speed Is the ULTIMATE Ecommerce Conversion Killer

Everyone has heard the saying, “Time is money”—and this couldn’t be more true for your ecommerce business. Online shoppers are growing increasingly impatient, and their demands for a speedy website aren’t slowing down, ever! This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you as we live in a world where the quicker we…

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The Best Way to Boost Ecommerce Sales Fast

Are you growing frustrated by the lack of sales in your store? Or maybe you wouldn’t mind some more? Well, stick around, because in this post, we’re going to unpack five carefully selected techniques you can implement—or improve on—in your business to generate more sales today. Starting with … 1. Building Trust Tell me, would…

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The Most Important Metrics for Growing Your Ecommerce Store

ecommerce metrics

Too many ecommerce businesses are making vital decisions based on feelings rather than relying on data. But the most successful ecommerce businesses are able to separate what they think is right from what isn’t. They do this by focusing on crucial metrics and then make informed decisions based on that data, not just on assumptions. To…

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Designing a Guarantee


In your customers’ eyes, there is always a risk when shopping online. Even I am skeptical when shopping on a new site! No matter how trustworthy your business seems, there will always be people who carry fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUDs) into their shopping experience. It only takes one negative event for your visitor to…

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Drive Sales with a 404 Page

404 PAGE

I get it … The 404 page is probably the last page on your mind that you want to focus on optimizing, but don’t discard it yet! What if I told you that if you follow the optimization suggestions below, you will not only increase customer satisfaction and improve your SEO, but also boost conversions…

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Paradox of Choice: You Are Paralyzing Your Visitors by Doing This!


We live in a day and age where online shoppers have more options than ever before … which presumably should lead to more freedom, easier choices and happier customers. Right? But what if I told you this myriad of options is actually crippling shoppers and causing anxiety in their shopping experience, subsequently resulting in a higher…

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