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Ecom Money Magnet

Turn Your Ecom Store into a Money Magnet with 5 Basic Principles

eCommerce, Uncategorized - Haley Spindler - July 7, 2020

Every website is unique, and with individuality comes a myriad of potential problems your site could have. If you’ve followed Build Grow…

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hierarchy of conversions

The Hierarchy of Conversions: A Five-Step Guideline to Optimizing Your Store

Conversion Rate, eCommerce - Haley Spindler - May 26, 2020

I’ve had the privilege of coaching at many Build Grow Scale (BGS) events (learn more about BGS Live 2020 here). As a result,…

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Shopify's Store Function

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Shopify Store’s Function

Conversion Rate, eCommerce - Haley Spindler - March 17, 2020

A beautiful website is the objective of many business owners. They so badly want to mimic the aesthetics of big brands like…

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