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Ignoring This Money-Making Revenue Stream Costs Your Business Thousands Every Day…

Find out how to make the most of this overlooked resource and get a 40X return for every dollar you spend!*

(Without increasing your ad spend)

(*40X return on average based on data provided by Omnisend, 2022)

Let me level with you…

Times are tough…

There’s more competition than ever.     

The price of ads is at an all-time high.

And more and more technologies are arriving every day to shake things up.

It can feel like the goalposts are being moved right in front of you, leading to worry, self-doubt, and even fear.

Running a successful business is getting harder…

…and every action you take has to count.

You’ll Never Outspend The Big Boys.

When it comes to increasing your revenue, the go-to copy-paste answer is to up your ad spend, right?

And sure, it seems logical on the surface…

More traffic = more visitors = more customers…

…but that’s not what happens.

Traffic does NOT lead directly to customers.

If it were that easy, every single marketing strategy in the world would be the same—spend more than the next guy…

…but the problem there is obvious.

There will always be someone with a bigger budget.

Going toe-toe on the same playing field with someone who can outspend you is not a smart move…

…and there’s no guarantee that an increase in traffic will lead to an increase in sales if your store is not up to scratch.

And that’s not even the worst thing about this strategy…

99% Of People Are Working From The Same Bad Advice.

So, here’s the kicker…

If you’ve heard that increasing ad spending will get you more sales…

…then almost everyone else will have heard the same thing.

That means EVERYONE starts to implement the same bad advice.

And do you know what happens?

  • Competition gets tougher
  • Ad prices are driven higher
  • Customers become harder to acquire
  • And your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) goes through the roof…

Even if you do start seeing more sales, the cost to acquire each customer is so high it destroys your margins.

And that’s not all…

There’s something else the ‘spend-more-on-ad-gurus’ NEVER talk about.

People are exposed to thousands of ads every day.

Some businesses spend millions on ads each month and hundreds of thousands creating and producing a single ad.

Competition for attention is fiercer than ever.

And acquiring new customers is the MOST EXPENSIVE way to generate revenue for one simple reason…

Something no one seems to talk about…

Most People Viewing Ads Are NOT Ready To Spend!

Why is no one talking about this?

Well, I’ll tell you.

A lot of so-called marketing agencies focus on ads because it’s easy.

Spend enough, and you will get an increase in traffic.

But traffic does not mean more sales.

The people that ads target are a COLD audience.

They are at the very top of your funnel, and they aren’t ready to spend their money with you yet.

That means you have to invest a small fortune, bringing them through all the different stages of awareness until they’re in a position to spend.

On average, people need to interact with your brand around 50-100 times before they feel comfortable enough to part with their money…

So, if that sounds like a long and winding road to a sale…

It is.

Here’s the thing…

Your ads are already doing their job, so let them do it.

Your time and attention should be focused somewhere else.

Somewhere much closer to the money…

The Best Way To Increase Profits Is Through Your Customers Already Close To The Money.

Forget ecom for a minute…

Imagine you are in a real-life marketplace.

But instead of having your market stand with all your goods on display, you just have one or 2 things ready to show.

You’re standing on a soapbox shouting into a crowd of potential customers inviting them to come and check out your goods.

Some listen, but most don’t…

After all, There are thousands of other people doing the exact same thing as you, all competing for attention.

This is how ads work online!

Fighting for attention is tough and expensive, and it’s not easy to stand out.

Of course, advertising has its place, and it’s an important one at that…

But there is a much better way to grow your sales faster…

Imagine You Could Talk Directly To The People Ready To Spend Instead Of Shouting Into The Crowd…

So, picture this…

Instead of shouting into the crowd, you’re able to call over individuals by name.

You take them somewhere comfortable to sit and talk to them like an old friend.

You show them your very best offers, things you’re certain they’ll love, and items you’ve picked out just for them…

You know their name because they’ve shopped with you before.

They come over and listen because they already like your brand and what you do…

Now ask yourself,

Who do you think is more likely to buy from you…

…the guy you shouted at in the crowd or the one you invited over by name for a private conversation and customized offer?

Well, there’s a really easy way to get in touch with them.

You just have to know exactly how…

If You're Not Using Email Right, You're Losing Thousands Every Month!


Isn’t that kind of old-fashioned now?

NO. And don’t let yourself fall into this trap.

Many businesses overlook the power of email, thinking it is old or outdated, and they could not be more WRONG.

On average, email returns 30-40 dollars for every 1 dollar spent.


Because people on your mailing list are at the bottom of your funnel, ready to spend.

That means they are at the highest awareness stage and don’t need much convincing to make a purchase.

When used properly, email can be responsible for 30%+ of your total sales…

…and it has a whole range of other benefits too. It can:

  • Bring customers back that haven’t shopped in a while
  • Promote sales, offers, and new items
  • Notify customers of changes to your brand and new features on your site
  • Send exclusive invites to VIP customers
  • Offer discounts
    Promote content and social media engagement
  • Host giveaways
  • And so much more.

It’s also a chance for you to speak to your customers one-to-one and show you really understand them.

Yes. Email sounds amazing…but there is a problem.

Not everyone is a copywriter and designer.

With everything else you have going on in your store, do you really have the time to write daily emails?

Do you even want to write emails?

If that doesn’t sound like something you want to add to your constantly growing to-do list, you’re in luck.

BGS has the perfect solution that lets you make a ton of money from email…

…WITHOUT having to do any of the writing, designing, or organizing yourself…

Prioritizing the wrong things is frustrating your customers and costing you a fortune.

You have customers already waiting to give you their money.


Forget traffic for now…

…and remember this…

The further down your funnel your customer is, the closer you are to making money.

Most stores get their priorities completely WRONG.

That’s why the average conversion rate is a shockingly bad 2%.

A 2% conversion rate means that only 2 out of 100 people actually spend money.

This should be setting off huge alarm bells.

Think back to your imaginary brick-and-mortar store.

How would you feel if you had 100 customers inside your store and only 2 of them actually bought something?!

This sounds pretty bad, right? But it’s actually much worse than that.

Here’s some math from one of our conversion optimization geniuses.

What sounds better to you?

4% of 1000 or 2% 1500?

Think about that for a second then read on…

4% of 1000 is equal to 40 paying customers.

2% of 1500 is equal to only 30 paying customers.

Yes. Really.

Even though you have 500 more visitors you actually have less paying customers.

That’s what happens when you prioritize traffic over your conversion rate…

And we’re not done yet, let’s keep going with the math…

The geniuses at BGS discovered something very few people know.

Conversion rates do not follow a simple pattern.

It’s much better for you than that.

It would be logical to think that if your conversion rate went from 2% to 4% that your revenue and net profit would double too, right?

Well, it might be logical but it would be completely WRONG.

Doubling your conversion rate can increase your net profit by 6X or more!

Even a small increase in CR (conversion rate) or AOV (average order value) can make a big difference to your margins.

(We’re more than happy to show you the math on a call.)

Just imagine what your business would look like if your net profit was 6X higher than it is now.

All because you sorted out your priorities and started focusing on the things that mattered…

6X is a lot, isn’t it?

Maximize Your Email Revenue With BGS Done-For-You Email Package.

Email, done right, is a shortcut to printing money for your business.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can quickly become time-consuming and frustrating. 

  • Who should I target?
  • What should I talk about?
  • How long should they be?
  • How do I segment my list?
  • How do I write effective subject lines?
  • When should I run mycampaigns and promos?
  • Etc, etc…


Most businesses only send emails because they know they should…

…but one quick look in your inbox will show you just how effective ‘most’ emails are.

At BGS we do things differently.

Our team of revenue optimization experts is here to help you squeeze out every drop of profit from your business…INCLUDING EMAIL.

But if you think we have some sort of tech secrets or magic formula, you’re wrong…

What we have for you is actually much better.

We’ve been optimizing stores for years through the power of REAL-WORLD data.

We take that data and analyze what really moves the needle.

We’re then able to combine all that insight with fast and easy automation and outstanding copywriting to deliver you a plug-and-play solution.

We call it the BGS Email Writing Service Package…

…And the results are so good you have to see them for yourself…

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About BGS Email Writing Service Package…


“I used to think that email marketing would be a walk in the park. Boy, was I wrong. There’s a lot of work that goes into setting up flows, setting up segmentations, A/B testing and all that. It’s tedious and time-consuming. But BGS made everything easy for us. The results were definitely worth the money.”

Luke Carter

“When I started working with BGS, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But she walked the team and me through the basics. She carefully explained the steps and the goals. She also shared best practices for email marketing. Our revenue from email was a record high. Don’t underestimate the power of emails and the power of their email writing team!”

Michelle Davis

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside The Package…


First up, you’ll get on a strategy call with your dedicated email marketing manager to discuss and plan a comprehensive strategy that we will help implement in your business.

With over 2 decades of experience in marketing businesses via email, having written tens of thousands of emails, and sending to hundreds of millions of customers, we bring real insights to your email marketing strategy.


Next, we will take our proven winning email flows and individually customize them to fit your brand, your voice, and your products.

Establishing your unique voice is the difference between emails that get opened and result in sales and the ones that sit in inboxes and are never viewed.

Included in these automated flows is our massively successful “Post Purchase Customer Survey,” which has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales for our partner stores.


Once these flows are installed and ready to go, we will hop on a call with you to review everything and get them turned on so they can start making you money immediately.

These automated flows will literally make you money while you sleep, but that is really just the beginning.


Next, our team will dig into your email back-end to set up specific segments that will be used to send more cohesive and targeted emails to your list, this isn’t the spray and pray strategy that you may be using now.

Then, you’ll work side-by-side with your dedicated email marketing manager to plan a comprehensive marketing calendar so that your messaging is on-point and can be coordinated with any top-of-funnel advertising you’re running.

You’ll also have direct access to your email marketing team in a private slack channel so that you can get any questions answered as they arise.

And this is just the beginning, each month, our team will be conducting ongoing A/B testing on your email flows to continue to maximize open and click-thru rates to generate more sales.

These automated emails are like having your own highly-skilled team of miniature salespeople that work for you around the clock.

They never get tired, they never say the wrong thing, and their only job is to bring you money.

If that sounds good to you, you should click here.

Missing Out On Email Is Not An Option…That Leaves You With 3 Choices…

Email alone is responsible for 30%+ of total sales in the top global ecom companies.

This equates to billions of dollars in sales around the world every day.

When your email is working hard, it can bring you in hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands every single day on autopilot.

So, if ignoring it isn’t an option, what options are there?

Number 1.

You could learn to do it yourself…

…but that would mean mastering yet another set of new skills AND finding the time to actually do the work!

Getting email right is not an easy task.

That’s why so few businesses do it well.

And it’s not just the actual writing that can cause you a headache…

It’s far more involved than that.

You also need to analyze which headlines or discounts work best…

Assess which kinds of subject lines get the most click-through rates…

Determine which contacts in your email list are loyal buyers or lurkers…

Carefully plan the content and schedule the emails you will send to your list…

Test and compare emails to know which ones deliver the most results…

Know how to keep old customers and engage new ones…

Come up with creative and exciting contests and giveaways.

And I could go on.

This is just a part of what an email marketer has to do which is why they command such impressive salaries.

Do you really want to add that to your list of ongoing jobs?

Are there even enough hours in the day?

Number 2.

You can continue to do what you’ve been doing, and expect results to get better.

We all know how that goes and what it is going to get you.

Number 1 and 2 aren’t looking good so that leaves you with number 3.

The BGS way

Get The Expertise You Need Without The Hefty Price Tag.

Firstly, emails that generate revenue are not a luxury.

This is something your business needs…

…and not having these in place, is costing you thousands, every single month.

If everything you’ve read so far isn’t enough to convince you, how about this?

  • Emails help build your brand’s credibility.
  • They drive customers who are ready to spend to your site.
  • They keep you top-of-mind when your customers are looking for a product.
  • They give you great insights into your target markets’ preferences, and behaviors so you can shift your marketing focus to be even more effective.
  • Emails marketing arguably has the highest ROI of all marketing forms (around $40 in return for every $1 spent).
  • People who receive email offers spend 138% more versus people who don’t receive any.
  • Revenues from email marketing will likely reach 11 BILLION by the end of 2023.
  • According to Salecycle, 50% of consumers buy from marketing emails at least once a month.
  • Shopify studies also show that email recorded the highest average order conversion during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

So, if you know your email isn’t up to scratch, you need to do something about it NOW….

And that’s exactly what you get here with the BGS Done-For-You Email Package.

We’ll do all the hard work for you so you can sit back and reap the rewards.

That includes setting up your flows, segmenting your list, creating the copy, and much more.

We’re here to turn your email list into your own personal cash machine.

And all it costs is $6,500 per month.

That’s $6,500 for a 100% done-for-you service that will pay you every single day they’re running…forever.

Best of all, we’re so sure that our email service will pay for itself, we also offer…

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don’t see real measurable results within 60 days, we’ll give you your money back.

That makes it a 100% win-win for you.

Either you get the results you want in just 60 days or you walk away with all your money.

You can’t lose.

So what will it be?

One final thought…

Running a business is hard.

So, let me share a pearl of wisdom I live by.

The most successful people on Earth know what they don’t know.

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

No one expects you to be able to do it all alone…

That’s why we’re here for you.

So, before you make a decision, picture this.

More time with your friends and family on weekends KNOWING your emails are optimized and making you money no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

More time to do the things in your business you love instead of stressing about email copy and design.

Reliable data continually coming back to you so you can create a better website and more effective ads.

Enjoying all your holidays KNOWING you emails are scheduled in advance and you don’t have to sit writing them an 1am the day before they go out.


We want to see you win…

…not just in business, but in life.

So, let us help you build emails your customers will love, so you can enjoy more time and more profit than ever before.