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7 Common Challenges Facing Ecommerce Businesses

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since the beginning of 2020, ecommerce has been on the rise due to Covid restrictions. Ecom stores are bringing in additional revenue for brick-and-mortar stores, which have expanded as they’re now able to reach a wider range of consumers around the world. However, don’t overlook the challenges that can accompany this phenomenon—the overall user experience

Image Optimization on Your Ecom Store: 5 Ways to Boost Trust and Your Conversion Rate

Reading Time: 4 minutes Product images play an important role in a customer’s decision about whether or not to buy a product from you. For this reason, ecommerce store owners should invest heavily in creating product images that are sure to help answer customers’ questions about a product and motivate them to buy. Here are five very desirable characteristics

How to Sell More on Shopify (Even If You’re on a Budget) Part 3 of 6: Product Pages Optimization

Reading Time: 12 minutes In the previous article, we were talking about optimizing your cart. Go here to read it (if you haven’t yet), before digging into this one. This is the third of a 6-part series that will go deep into optimizing every step of the buyer’s journey. Here is the full breakdown: Checkout Shopping Cart Product pages Category pages