3-Day Private, Intimate & All-Inclusive Ecom


Optimization Is No Longer Optional. You Won’t Compete In Q4 Without It.

  • You’re blowing money on ads with little to no results.
  • Your email revenue is pathetic, and you don’t know exactly what to do to change it.
  • You are intimidated by data and it paralyzes you. We will demystify it for you.
  • 80% of success is mindset, 20% is action, and you are focused on the 20% and it’s not working
  • Money-Back Guarantee

(See what past Optimization Workshop attendees say about it.)

October 15-17 2022, Dallas, TX
  • Accomodations and food included in the price
  • Personal hot seats (everyone will sign NDAs)
  • Intimate setting (limited to 12 people)
  • Money-back guarantee

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Who Is This For?

For any store owner suffering from…

Low Sales Conversions

Inability To Scale Traffic

High Bounce Rates

Low Email Revenue

Low Average Order Value

Inability To Write Emails

Low Repeat Customer Rate

Decreased Email Open Rates

High Cost Per Acquisition

Poor Email Deliverability

Lack of complete and accurate data collection

Inability to read, analyze and interpret data

The Next 3-Day Optimization Workshop Starts On October 15, 2022 in Dallas, TX


*Your ticket includes a private room at the workshop hotel for up to 4 nights (depending on your travel schedule), breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day.

Check what Charles said about it:



The BGS Optimization Workshop combines:

  • Actionable data-backed sessions
  • Interactive format where you can ask any question at any time
  • Live hot-seats where you will get detailed feedback on YOUR business.
  • Limited to 15 people for maximum personal attention

This unique combination ensures that you walk away with a detailed action plan for taking your business to the next level.

What we will be sharing with you during this workshop is the culmination of everything we’ve learned about growing and scaling massively profitable ecommerce businesses.

Here’s an example of the kind of “increases” that occur after one of our optimization workshops…

After the workshop, it was all hockey stick growth. Due to some effective optimizations which ultimately made Brian & Francis WAY more money from the same amount of traffic.

Here’s another example from our client Jonathan Paquin:

The reason we can achieve these increases is because this is not a big event with hundreds of people … where you can’t get any personal attention.

This is a small intimate workshop limited to 15 people, where our staff gets hands-on in your business with you.

Two of our past Workshops

These optimization workshops change peoples lives and businesses FOREVER.

And the feedback you get…

Is pure GOLD and immediately actionable.

And better yet, what’s discussed in the room, stays in the room. In fact, each attendee is required to sign a confidentiality agreement before being admitted to the workshop.

We share stuff in these events that we don’t share anywhere else and the same goes for the 6 and 7 figure earners who attend these workshops.

They reveal things about the inner workings of their business that they would never tell anyone else.

It’s an eye opening experience…and it’s one of the biggest values of a high-level, closed-door workshop.

The Next 3-Day Optimization Workshop Starts On October 15, 2022 in Dallas, TX


*Your ticket includes a private room at the workshop hotel for up to 4 nights (depending on your travel schedule), breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day.

A “Small” Taste Of What You’ll Be Discovering

  • The 10 Second Test that will immediately show you where you are loosing up to 1/3rd of your potential sales. (You’ll kick yourself when you see how much you are losing.)
  • The single most important change that you can make on your website in order to make more money. (It’s not what you think it is.)
  • How a 10% change in one store metric will cut your traffic cost in HALF. (This will blow your mind, just as it blew ours when we first discovered it.)
  • The 4 must-use Checkout Page optimizations we use on every Shopify store. (None of these require Shopify Plus.)
  • The “Free Money” Average Order Value Booster that also increases overall store conversions. (Ingenious and easy to implement.)
  • The 1 word we found that outperformed “Free Shipping” by 16% AND boosted add to cart’s by 7%. (This will blow you away)
  • How to optimize the most important page on your store, using our 90+ proven and tested optimization tweaks. (These work for any store, no matter the industry, niche or product.)
  • The 3 keys to helping your visitors easily navigate your store and find what they are looking for. (Most people completely ignore this and lose a ton of money as a result)
  • The site navigation structure that will kill your chances at google rankings as well as increase page abandonment by as much as 25%. (this will shock you because so many themes are built this way)
  • How to do cross-sells right and make them as effective as possible. (Most people do cross-sells wrong and as a result hurt their sales, isntead of help.)
  • How to make money-making data-based decisions with the help of Google Analytics. (Most people make changes to their website based on an opinion or a gut feeling, which is a recipe for failure.)
  • Data speaks. Volumes. Learn how to read it and analyze it the way 7 and 8-figure store owners do. (Reading only your basic KPI’s, like Conversion Rate, AOV, Bounce Rate, Revenue Per User etc … is just a blip on the radar of what data can actually tell you.)
  • Discover low-hanging optimization opportunities on your website that you didn’t even know you had. (Looking only at your Shopify dashboard and ignoring Google Analytics … is like sitting on a pot of gold for the rest of your life thinking you are poor, and not bothering to open it.)
  • How to track every single clickable element on your website and see how your visitors interact with them. Only once you track the entire shopping journey of your visitors can you optimize it. (Just copying Google Analytics’s tracking script and pasting it in your store’s backend is not enough.)
  • How to decrease your reliance on paid traffic sources for your sales and nurture a stronger bond with your potential customers. (This turns customers into Raving Fans.)
  • How to develop a 2-way line of communication with your best customers in order to improve your overall customer experience. (Almost nobody does this.)
  • How to dramatically improve your return customer rate. (This strategy is one of our most successful ones and you don’t want to ignore it.)
  • Discover the latest communication tools that will increase your return customer rate substantially. (Most people often get confused when deciding which tools to use.)
  • How to whip up emails that covert easily and quickly. (Without needing to hire or become a copywriter.)
  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do after this workshop to make more money with your store. (We won’t just tell you what to do, but also HOW to it.)
  • And a TON more … No JOKE … everything you read above won’t even get us past lunch!

There’s a whole lot more we could add in here, but the fact is … if what you see above doesn’t interest you, then the rest won’t matter.

So, if all this sounds good to you, then keep on reading.

If not, you may leave this page now because this workshop is clearly not for you.

Why Should You Trust Us

  • At any given time we are running the data, optimization and split testing on multiple successful brands.
  • Our team of 40+ optimization experts collect and analyze more ecom data in a week, than most stores could do in a lifetime.
  • With millions of dollars in ad spend and millions of dollars in sales, we get to test things very quickly.
  • We only work with Ecom stores, and over the past 5 years we’ve learned exactly what moves the needle to grow a store.

Here are some of our clients

What People Are Saying About The Workshop

Here’s Some Other Numbers You Might Find Interesting

Our company has helped hundreds of ecom entrepreneurs reach all new levels, including…

Here’s a few of them accepting their awards on stage at our BGS Live event…

There is absolutely no reason that you couldn’t be up on stage at our next conference accepting your own award… after you attend the 3-Day Optimization Workshop.

The Next 3-Day Optimization Workshop Starts On October 15, 2022 in Dallas, TX


*Your ticket includes a private room at the workshop hotel for up to 4 nights (depending on your travel schedule), breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day.


  • Instant ROI Optimizations and Hacks: Quick & easy things you can implement in your site immediately to increase add to carts, average order value, repeat customer rate and conversion.
  • Duplicatable Performance Case Studies: Behind the scenes look at what led to each of our stores’ performance increases and what specific improvements were made.
  • Product Page Optimization: We’re going to cover 100+ proven and tested high-leverage product page optimizations. We’ll make it easy for you to stay on track and implement them all.
  • User Testing: The biggest and most under-used lever that you can pull in your business. This will blow your mind.
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager: Learn how to track, read and analyze your data. Without data, you’re literally running your business blind. This is our secret of secrets to everything that we do.
  • Must-Have Email Flows: These are the 7 must-have email flows that we install on all of our successful partner stores. We’re giving them all to you, word for word so you can copy and paste them into your auto-responder. That’s dozens of emails that will forever make you money on autopilot, as long as you have them active.
  • Must-Have SMS Flows: SMS is the highest-ever sale recovery method right now and these flows are going to set you up for success … so you can build it from there. Again, you’re getting the exact same message that we use, word-for-word.
  • Killer Swipe Files: In addition to the basic flows, we’re also going to provide you with our killer swipe file with additional flows, campaigns, and headlines that you can use throughout the year.
  • Proven Email and SMS Campaign Strategies: These are the strategies that you will need once you install the must-have email and SMS flows … so you can build from there. We’re going to talk type of campaigns, what to send, when to send and how to send for maximum engagement and conversions.
  • Live Hot Seats: We will put your store up on the screen and provide direct feedback on your store and the needed optimizations you need to implement in order to make more money.
  • Personalized Questions and Answers: Stop us at any time during our talks and ask us anything you want. This event is about you and how it will flow depends in big part on your engagement and interaction. Unlike big events, this one is very private and personalized.
  • Networking Dinners: Dine and network with the other workshop attendees and the BGS team. We love these dinners because they are super fun, and more importantly … they are responsible for some of the biggest AHA’s for our attendees. Some serious gold will be dropped during these relaxed and free-flow conversations.
  • Friendships and Business Connections: You will meet some amazing people at this event and some of them will likely become friends for life. Others will become new business partners that you do some amazing things with.


The workshop will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton @ DFW South, 4650 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX 75062.

This is one of our favorite small hotels in Dallas as it’s got great vibes, great meeting space and a fun atmosphere, not to mention it’s close to everything.

  • Friday, October 14th, 2022: Fly or Drive In and meet up for a networking dinner in the hotel lobby at 6 pm
  • Saturday, October 15th, 2022 @ 9 am to 6 pm: Optimization Workshop
  • Sunday, October 16th, 2022 @ 9 am to 6 pm: Optimization Workshop
  • Monday, October 17th, 2022 @ 9 am to 6 pm: Optimization Workshop

Plan on booking your flight to arrive the day before (Friday) so you can hang out with us that evening.

The event starts early Saturday morning and goes all day – with short breaks (we may even run longer than anticipated … it tends to happen all the time).

Plenty of “after hours” time for wheelin’ and dealin’ at the bar. We have a lot of fun, but this is a working event, so come prepared and be ready to dig in.

We’re going to stay until 8 pm and beyond if we have to. This event is for you so we’re going to stop only after you got all the help that you need.

That being said … we recommend that you stay for the dinner on Monday and leave on Tuesday because some of the biggest AHA’s happen after hours when we’re kicking it at the restaurant during dinner.

What Makes This Workshop Different?

The main thing that makes this workshop different from any other event …

… is the fact that it is a private and intimate workshop, with personal attention given to every attendee.

Unlike big live events with hundreds of attendees … where you can’t even hope to get your questions answered …

This workshop is limited to only 15 people, and here …

… you can literally stop us mid-sentence and ask your questions.

In fact, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Ask as many questions as you want, because this event is about you.

You will decide how this event is going to unfold based on your interaction and questions.

Yes, we have a general idea of what we want to cover, however …

… that’s just a basic framework and nothing more than a guiding post.

If we talk about one thing, but you want to talk about something completely different … no problem.

A few 7-figure awardees


We’re there to serve you, and you (and the other attendees) are in charge of this event.
We’re your “servants” and everyone is treated like a VIP.

If this event had a Unique Value Proposition, that would be it.

It doesn’t get more personal than that.

WARNING! Time Is A Factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because…

… we like to keep these workshops very small and intimate … so we can interact with each and every attendee.

That’s the only way we can help you get the results that you want.

Through personal interaction.

Therefore we booked out a small meeting room at the hotel … where we can fit only 15 people.

So if you know this is for you, claim your seat while they still last.

There’s no false scarcity here.

Only the fact that we can only work with 15 people at a time.

And 15 people is not a lot of people so they will probably sell out quickly.

If you truly want to turn your store around and get some positive movement forward …

… this is your chance.
Just show up ready to get s*it done.

A few 8-figure awardees

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course there is … 🙂

I guarantee that if you don’t feel like you got at least 5x the amount you paid in value … let us know after the event and we’ll refund you in full.

The Next 3-Day Optimization Workshop Starts On October 15, 2022 in Dallas, TX


*Your ticket includes a private room at the workshop hotel for up to 4 nights (depending on your travel schedule), breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day.


Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Event: Ecommerce Optimization Workshop
Hosts: Build Grow Scale
Location: Dallas, TX
Airport: Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport (DFW)
Dates: October 15th, 16th and 17th, 2022
Hotel: Embassy Suites by Hilton @ DFW South, 4650 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX 75062
Dress Code: Casual. This will be a relaxed environment so dress comfortably. And bring a jacket because the A/C tends to stay on lower temperatures in this room.

Basic Itinerary:
Friday, October 14th – Fly or Drive In and meet up for a networking dinner in the hotel lobby at 6 pm
Saturday, October 15th – Optimization Workshop (9 am to 6 pm)
Sunday, October 16th – Optimization Workshop (9 am to 6 pm)
Monday, October 17th – Optimization Workshop (9 am to 6 pm)

This workshop is designed for ecommerce entrepreneurs of all experience levels who sell physical products via store or funnel. No matter where you are at, you will walk away with an actionable optimizations to improve your ecommerce business.

If you are brand new, then you will likely also learn a bunch of cool methods and strategies that do not apply to you yet, BUT this way you have them in your hip pocket for when you are ready for them.

Facebook advertising experience is not required to get the most of this experience. If you have it, great, I’ll take you to a whole other level. If you don’t, not to worry, we’ll make sure you have what you need.

The workshop is designed to be a fully contained experience. Meaning we’ll cover everything we need during the time we are together.

Just come ready to share, discuss, take notes and action.

We do recommend that you bring your laptop as well because there will be opportunities to get hands on and work on your store throughout the workshop

Absolutely. If you have someone in charge of your ecommerce store, a marketing intern, project manager or Chief marketing officer, this is a great way to get your staff trained up on effective ecom optimizations FAST.

Yes, we offer a second discounted ticket at checkout. If you want to reserve more than 2 seats … give us a call at the phone number listed below, and we’ll take care of you. Or just shoot us an email.

Of course. You can reach us at +1 775-432-1757 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, or if you prefer email … just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.