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What Is Ecommerce Evolved?

Ecommerce Evolved is a physical book written specifically for ecommerce entrepreneurs.  It distills decades of research, testing and practical in-the-trenches ecommerce experience—into a complete manual for building a thriving ecommerce business—in today’s competitive market.
The book is 378 pages long and is sent to you in the mail (anywhere in the world) along with 6 companion bonus training’s that provide advanced training on core topics.
All the strategies and systems you’ll find inside Ecommerce Evolved are data-driven, field-tested, and have produced hundreds of millions of ecommerce sales…across almost every industry you can think of!

Ecommerce Evolved Is A Shortcut!

You don’t need more ‘stuff’ to do!

In fact, chances are you’re already doing too much ‘stuff’.

And, if we’re being honest, most of what you ARE focusing on is the wrong “stuff”… right?

What you need is…to know what to stop doing and what to start doing.

It’s simple in theory, but figuring out what works is a time and money intensive process that can take years.

Ecommerce Evolved will remove the learning curve and jump you right to the front of the line.

Here's how...

My company Build Grow Scale™ is the behind-the-scenes growth partner to some of the most successful ecommerce brands on the planet.

What you will find inside Ecommerce Evolved is the culmination of everything we’ve learned about growing and scaling massively profitable ecommerce businesses.

Trusted by...

Here’s what this means for your business…

As soon as you get your copy of Ecommerce Evolved in your hands you will have a step-by-step blueprint for building the business of your dreams.

I’ll be taking you on an end-to-end journey from…

How You Get Your Ecom Foundations in Place to Create Your 7-Figure Store.

ALL of the Revenue Optimization and Scaling Strategies You’ll Need to Grow Your Business to $10 Million.

How to Take Your 8-Figure Brand, and Continue to Grow It Into a 9-Figure Empire!

Say goodbye to “guessing.”

You will know exactly what to do and what not to do at each stage of your business.
Plus, you’ll get tons of “quick wins” from the dozens of proven-to-work optimizations shared in the book that will allow you to almost instantly increase AOV (average order value), your customer lifetime value, your store conversions and your revenue per user.
Most of these optimizations can be implemented within minutes and without the need to modify any code.
It’s the closest thing to instant Return On Investment you’ll ever get.

How Ecommerce Evolved Helped a Chemist Turn $200 Into $100,000 and Save Him from His Dead-End Job…

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 [Ecommerce Evolved] is the first book I ever read on marketing. It’s the ONLY book I ever read on e-commerce.

I was a chemist. I went broke. I was in debt. I had to move into my warehouse.

I followed your training and took $100 and turned it into $50,000. Then another $100 into $50,000.

Now we’re an 8-figure business and one of the leading pet CBD brands in North America.

It was because of your book that this all happened.

David Louvet, CEO/Innovet


The book you are getting for free today is the brand new 2nd edition of Ecommerce Evolved.

The original 1st edition launched back in 2016 and rapidly became known as the “bible of ecommerce” with over 60,000 1st edition copies being sold.

A lot has changed since then. Ecommerce has evolved

And as the years progressed, we’ve continued to revise and refine our system of building winning ecommerce businesses.

We completely overhauled Ecommerce Evolved to bring it up to date, including…

In its current form, Ecommerce Evolved contains the most complete collection of “what’s working now” information ever released in the ecommerce industry and it also contains a complete breakdown of the next step of the ecommerce evolution—our proprietary system for scaling ecommerce brands to the moon.

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The Only Roadmap You’ll Ever Need To Make Your Ecommerce Business Thrive!

I put everything we’ve learned, everything we use ourselves in this book so that you can learn from our mistakes, our wins, as well as benefiting from all the time, effort, and money that has gone into the experiences that made their way into this book.


Optimization chapters
Data Chapters
Marketing Chapters


Evolved Strategy Evolved Intelligence Evolved Marketing


Everything you need to know to build, grow and scale your ecom business


Do what I outline and it works in any niche

Here’s Everything Else You’re Getting With Your FREE Ecommerce Evolved Book Today:


378-page Ecommerce Evolved Book

11 chapters. 1 bonus chapter. All focused on one thing: helping you build, grow and scale a successful ecommerce business.


Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering

This training will help you build a business that supports your dream lifestyle, instead of building a glorified job that you're a slave to.

Total Value: $197.00 FREE


Building A Brand Worth Selling (Or Keeping)

This training is all about how to create a brand that doesn’t suck and a brand that your customers love and rave about.

Total Value: $97.00 FREE


Why Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Sucks

In this training I will show you the magic of a well-executed backend, and how your whole life can literally transform when you build yours.

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Ecommerce Video Ads Formula

Learn how to create quality video ads without becoming a video editor and spending thousands of dollars on audio and video equipment and editing software.

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Private Book Owners Facebook Community

Get access to our private Ecommerce Evolved book-owners-only Facebook group. Interact with and get support from our team and your fellow ecom-preneurs walking the same journey.

Total Value: $97.00 FREE

Here’s What A Few Of Our Members Have To Say About Using Ecommerce Evolved In Their Niche...


Attention: Ecommerce Business Owners and Ecommerce Entrepreneurs...

Use This Book To Copy (and Implement) Our Proven Ecommerce System So You Can Generate Anywhere From $10,000 to $10,000,000 or more!

You too can grow and scale your ecommerce business FAST by executing the same methods outlined in this book that currently generate over $250-Million of product sales per year!

Hi, my name is Tanner Larsson and I own a company that you might not have heard of but is working magic behind the scenes of many of the most successful ecommerce stores on the planet.

Which is kinda crazy, considering the fact that we started it all only 6 short years ago, just the two of us—me and my partner Matthew Stafford—from our small office in Reno, Nevada.

At the time we were running our own store in the kitchen niche that was doing really well, until suddenly…

...it wasn't.

Our store went from generating hundreds of thousands of profit per month, to breaking even, to losing tens of thousands of dollars per month…all in the span of just 90 days.

That downward spiral went on for 9 months and we almost went broke trying to fix it.

We tried every sales trick, tactic and strategy imaginable, installed all the apps, added all the bells and whistles to our store … and with every change, the store was doing worse and worse.

It wasn’t until we discovered the beginnings of what has become our proprietary growth system, that things started to change. Thanks to this system, we completely turned that store around almost overnight and we easily blew past our previous revenue numbers from before the downward spiral. And the crazy part is …

We didn’t increase our ad-spend by even a penny in the process, yet we were still growing like crazy!

After applying our system to our store, we volunteered and did the same thing for two of our close friends … just to make sure that the first time wasn’t a fluke. The results were extraordinary. 

…Within 90 days, their stores blew up!

Our first friend’s store went from $2.7 million a year to $9.4 million run rate for that year within 90 days.

The other friend’s store went from $300-$400k a month to over a million a month within only 60 days, and then to $2.7 million a month within the next 6 months (and could have hit those numbers quicker but they kept breaking their supply chain).

Established Personal Health Brand Implemented Our Proprietary Growth System and Added an Extra $800k to Their Income in the First 90 Days...

As an established health brand, Organify was doing everything right…and by most people’s standards, they were.

Because we’ve had the opportunity to work on so many different stores, we were able to identify things that they wouldn’t have been able to discover on their own.

Within 90 days of working with us, they added an extra $800,000 to their income and more than tripled their run rate for the year.

The annual run rate of this brand is now north of $24,000,000!

Adult Drinking/Party Niche Store Grew From $400k/Month to $2.7M/Month in Less Than 7 Months After Switching Focus to Our Growth System...

Piper Lou—a print-on-demand brand focused on the fun loving adult who loves drinking, sarcasm and parties—struggled for 2 years to build their business up to a respectable $400k/month.

Their secret was they were good at ads, but they hit a ceiling where just being good at ads couldn’t take them any farther.

Working with BGS and switching focus to our ‘growth system’ across their whole business took them from $400,000/month to a consistent $2,700,000/month in less than 7 months.
We could have grown them even faster and bigger, but they kept breaking their supply chain with the rapid growth they were experiencing.

Needless to say, we were onto something here.

During this process of applying our ‘growth’ system to these 3 stores, we built out our own proprietary framework and since then we’ve perfected it on hundreds of 7 and 8-figure stores in more than 40 different industries, with great success.

Over the years we’ve done thousands of split-tests and tens of thousands of hours in testing and analyzing data from these stores, in order to learn what works and what doesn’t.

… and we’ve distilled all of that knowledge into this FREE book.

Now, we’re behind the scenes of over TWENTY multiple-million dollar brands, with over $25million per month in combined sales.

… all thanks to our ‘growth’ system.

Stores Using Our Proprietary System...

So … What Is This ‘Growth’ System?

(And Why Should You Care?!)

The system is called Revenue Optimization™—our proprietary system for optimizing the buyers journey within your ecommerce business. No matter what niche or industry you’re in.


It’s the secret to our success and our clients’ success.
It is how we turned our kitchen store around, how we blew up the stores of our two close friends, and how we did the same for our 20+ partner brands

Revenue Optimization is the secret behind our students’ success as well.
In the past two years, we’ve guided and helped 167 people become first time 6-figure store owners, 73 people become first time 7-figure store owners and 13 people become first time 8-figure store owners just in the last 24 months!


people become first time




people become first time




people become first time



And here’s a bunch of them receiving their awards on stage at our BGS Live conference...

Revenue Optimization™ plays an integral and ongoing role in each of these award winners ecommerce brands.

And in case you are wondering, these people have stores in every market you can imagine:

✔  Apparel
✔  Jewelry
✔  Gym equipment
✔  Fitness
✔  Supplements
✔  Health care
✔  Furniture
✔  Automotive
✔  Pets
✔  Welding
✔  Sewing
✔  Electronics
✔  Outdoors
✔  Sports
✔  Beauty
✔  Kitchen
✔  Office
And more …

And now, I want to help you become the next 6, 7 or 8-figure store owner.

Send Me Your Address…

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I’ll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we’ll send it anywhere in the world!
If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below…

Setting Off A Chain Reaction Of
Awesomeness In Your Business

We’ve all seen how tipping over the right domino in a line of dominos sets off a chain reaction right?

In fact, in a row of 13 dominos with each one being 1.5 times larger than the last, putting a tiny bit of energy into the first domino results in 2 BILLION times as much energy coming out at the end.

That is called “geometric growth” and it’s one of the most powerful forces in the world if you know how to capture it—in the ecom world, it is better known as “hockey-stick-growth” and is what everyone is chasing after.

If you find the right domino to exert your effort on, the results take care of themselves in bigger ways than you can imagine.

In ecommerce, the domino that sets off a chain reaction of awesomeness is Revenue Optimization™.

Let me explain...

In most areas of life—and ecommerce is no exception—there is ONE THING that is responsible for more than 80% of the difference or results you get.

Here’s an example that should hit close to home ...


Goal: Getting in better shape

What everyone focuses on: 

– New workout clothes
– Cardio
– Interval Training
– Weight training
– Crossfit
– P90X
– Zumba
– Pre-workout supplements
– Post-workout supplements

The One Thing


Your diet is the one thing that is most instrumental in helping you get in shape.

It’s the big domino that sets off the chain reaction of awesomeness for the body you want.

But nobody focuses on diet. Why? Because it’s hard, and nobody wants to focus on the hard stuff.


Goal: Making more money from store What everyone focuses on:  – Facebook ads – Manual bidding – Dropshipping – Private labeling – New Shopify apps – Outsourcing – Viral content – Influencers – New store themes

The One Thing


When it comes to growing an ecommerce business, the biggest wins your company will ever find come from Revenue Optimization. 

It’s the big domino that sets off the chain reaction of awesomeness in your business.
But people would rather focus on all that other “stuff” that’s “sexy”… instead of on the one thing that’s going to move the needle.

Revenue Optimization™ is the “diet” of ecommerce success, and unlike all those other distractions you are currently focused on…it works.

It works because Revenue Optimization™ is a holistic approach that optimizes the complete customer journey…
From when traffic lands on the store to when the customer completes their purchase and on into the back-end where all the follow up emails and repeat customer marketing happens.

Revenue Optimization™ optimizes your entire business, not just your conversion rate.

Revenue Optimization is also…

Implementing Revenue Optimization™ into your business will give you the unfair advantage over your competition you’ve dreamed of and the ability to transform your store into a profit generating machine.

A Note About CRO:

People often confuse RO with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a more familiar term. However, in terms of similarity, RO and CRO are apples and oranges. 
Both are fruit, but that’s where the similarity ends.
With conversion rate optimization, the focus tends to be (as the name suggests) on improving the conversion rate. 
At BGS, we’ve discovered that when we do that, it results in tunnel vision.
Everything outside optimizing the conversion rate and the metrics associated with it disappear. You get blinded to everything else, which is a problem because it’s outside that tunnel vision where all the magic happens in ecom.
If you want a higher conversion rate, just drop your prices to $0 and you will have 90%+ conversion rates. Your business won’t survive for long, though. So forget CRO for now. We’re talking about something better.

Unique Belt Company Improved Customer Satisfaction and Grew Their Business By 163% with Revenue Optimization

Anson belt is a customer centric company that used Revenue Optimization to dial in their customer experience on their Shopify store.

The unique belts they sell have a vast number of different options and configurations the user can choose from. The original process was clunky and did not provide users with the best shopping experience.

Using data extracted from their Revenue Optimization, they were able to design a new buyers journey that massively improved customer satisfaction and also increased their conversions and boosted their Average Order Value.

Unique Children's Apparel Brand Skyrocketed Their Sales and Secured Venture Funding Upon Switching Focus to Revenue Optimization!

Cubcoats—a cool stuffed animal that folds inside out to reveal a super comfy kids’ sweatshirt—had done everything right from a product, manufacturing, supply chain and branding standpoint.

But it wasn’t until Zac attended our workshop, that he saw what was missing.

After shifting his company’s focus to Revenue Optimization, Cubcoats’ numbers skyrocketed. Investors lined up to give them money.

FitFabFun bought a percentage of the company and their list of celebrity investors grew like crazy.

Shortly after, they secured several licensing deals with some of the largest companies on the planet to produce specialty Cubcoats.

Focusing on Revenue Optimization Caused This Patriotic Print-on-Demand Brand to Grow By 211% and Outgrow Their POD Manufacturers...

SR sells print-on-demand apparel to the second amendment audience. The owners were good at driving traffic to their store, but like most POD stores they struggled with Conversions, AOV and Lifetime Value.

They dove into Revenue Optimization headfirst and used it to grow their business from 7-figures per year to multiple 7-figures per month.

In fact, they grew so fast that their volume outpaced what the POD manufacturers could produce.

They then switch to a hybrid model where they screenprint and inventory their bestsellers, with an added benefit of increasing their profit per shirt as screenprinting is way cheaper than POD.

Here’s Why Using Revenue Optimization™ Is Critical To The Long Term Success Of Your Ecommerce Business…

It’s no secret that Ecommerce is on fire and growing by leaps and bounds.


shopped online before 2020

Before COVID, it is estimated that only 10% of the world shopped online.


shopped online in 2020 to now

​In our post-COVID world, it is estimated that over 30% of the world is now shopping online.


in 2021

Global ecommerce sales is expected to total $4.2 trillion in 2021 and growing.

And all those numbers are expected to continue to grow at a massive rate year over year.

Based on those numbers it’s a great time to own an ecommerce business.

And we, along with our clients and students have been profiting handsomely from all of this ecommerce growth.
But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

As the saying goes, the only constant in business is constant change.
And the ecommerce industry is facing that change now…

With the ever growing number of online shoppers worldwide, now is a great time to own an ecommerce business.

There Is An Ecommerce Shift That Is Changing Everything!

There’s a transformative shift happening in the ecommerce industry and what worked before is either no longer an option or is rapidly losing its effectiveness.

The days of being able to throw up an ecom store, slap on a few products, run a few facebook ads and make money are gone.

The days of being able to cover your acquisition costs and expenses and still make a profit from the first sale are gone.

The days of being able to use large volumes of cheap traffic to make up for an unoptimized ecommerce business are dead.

You need to make a massive shift in your business if you want it to survive, much less thrive in the coming months and years.

A shift from trying to control the traffic at the source to instead…optimizing the customer journey of the existing traffic that already lands on your website, so you get the most out of it.

We don’t live in a traffic economy anymore … We now live in an Optimization Economy.


Because …

Buying Traffic No Longer Works The Way It Used To...

It is not even close to how it worked only a couple of years ago.

Here are 3 of the most impactful changes that are hurting you…

Only Broad Targeting. As of now all of the advertising platforms, especially Facebook, only allow broad interest targeting.

Gone are the days of laser-focused targeting where you can target your ideal customer to their most precise interest.

With the ever-increasing restrictions in customer data collection and the new privacy laws that pop up left and right… this will only get worse. Which leads me to the second point.

Traffic Cost Increase. This is an obvious one. Traffic doesn’t get cheaper.

It only gets more and more expensive and the broad targeting doesn’t help the issue either.

When you can’t laser-target your ideal customer, obviously, less people will buy and your conversion rate will be lower … which in turn tells Facebook that whatever you’re giving people … they don’t like it.
As a result, Facebook won’t optimize your ads well and that will make your traffic even more expensive.

And third… There is no shortage of traffic sources.

Traffic Sources Are Constantly Increasing while marketing budgets are staying the same.

With every additional traffic source that you send traffic from, you spread yourself thinner and thinner.

Plus you need to get great at each traffic source, if you want to get any decent results from them.
That’s the Old World.

Here’s the reality…

In the old world, you would need to get amazing at ALL of these: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, Display Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search, Sponsored Content, Influencer Marketing, SEO, Email, …in order to get some sales coming in.  This is “cross your fingers” marketing.

In the new world, you just need to optimize your customers’ shopping experience and all of your traffic sources will simultaneously convert better, giving you exponential growth—EVEN if you’re average at buying traffic.

Because the truth is…YOU CAN NOT CONTROL TRAFFIC.

You can’t control Facebook, you can’t control Google, BUT…you CAN control your customers’ shopping experience on your website.

This was a lightbulb moment for us.

We were focusing on traffic just like everyone else was…spending all our resources on trying to get more, better and cheaper traffic to our site.

The big epiphany that led to the shift to a Revenue Optimization™ focus, was this…

Traffic Is NOT Your Problem...

Think about this … for the average ecommerce store, 98 out of every 100 visitors don’t buy (the global average ecommerce conversion rate is around 2%). So the traffic is there, you’re just not converting it. Why would you waste time and money trying to figure out how to get more traffic, when you can’t even convert the traffic that’s already landing on your website? It’s just preposterous. Tattoo this on your brain…


Your Traffic Issues Are Just A Symptom Of The Real Problem.

When you treat a symptom, the problem doesn’t go away and oftentimes it causes the problem to get worse.

Buying more traffic to solve your lack of sales is like using a bandaid to treat a bacterial infection.

It’s doomed to fail.

Stop treating the symptom and start treating the real problem!

Which brings me to this point…

More Ecom Businesses Die Of Indigestion Than Of Starvation

Traffic is abundant. There is no shortage of traffic available to be sent to your ecommerce store from a huge variety of sources including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

The problem is not that your store doesn’t get traffic (it’s not starving).

The problem is that your store cannot digest the traffic that it does get to turn it into sales.

You have a digestion issue, NOT a traffic issue.

And the reason your store cannot digest traffic into sales profitably is because it is unoptimized.

You’ve gotta optimize your store first so you can convert more than 2 out of every 100 people … and then worry about bringing more traffic to it.

Let me give you an example that will make it all click

If you think of your store as a bucket and the traffic as water going into the bucket

…most of that water will leak out of your bucket because your bucket has a ton of holes—all kinds of different issues that are causing friction for your visitors.

Issues like...

Everything listed above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are well over 100 other leaks that I didn’t list.

All of those leaks add up to lost opportunities and sales.
We call this the Leaky-Bucket Syndrome.
And the more leaks you have, the harder it is for your business to turn a profit, much less grow.

Most businesses ignore the leaks and try to solve the problem by buying more traffic.

This is like using a firehose to water a flower, which is overkill and wasteful. This behavior leads to…

And worst of all … it ultimately ends up destroying the flower (or in this case, your business).

Now, while this is the reality of the ecommerce space—over 50% of all ecom stores fail in their first year—it does NOT have to be your reality.

The good news is that all of those problems mentioned above can easily be fixed by focusing on plugging as many of the leaks in your store as you can first before spending any money on traffic.


When you patch the leaks on your store, growing and scaling becomes easy.

Once you’ve patched the leaks on your store, then ALL of your different traffic sources will simultaneously convert much better.

A big part of Revenue Optimization ™ deals with how-to patch those leaks.

That is how you get exponential “hockey-stick” growth.

When you do this right …

This is our secret sauce—optimizing before maximizing. There is no other way.

If you try to maximize a broken system (store), you will only get to the bottom faster.

Ecommerce Evolved is the Playbook That Will Show You HOW To Patch Those Leaks and Capitalize on The Optimization Economy.

It’s time for you as an ecommerce entrepreneur to evolve your brand, your business and your brain.

This book is the playbook for capitalizing on this evolution from traffic economy to optimization economy.

Ecommerce Evolved contains a simple, repeatable and proven Revenue Optimization ™ system to help you build, grow and scale your business to reach your goals.

Fast Growing Womens Apparel Store Uses Revenue Optimization to Generate Revenues of Over $26,000,000 In Only SEVEN Months!

Pink Lily is a family owned business that started from scratch and now is one of the fastest growing online retailers in America.

Revenue Optimization plays a huge role in their meteoric growth as they leverage all types of paid, influencer and free traffic and their store has to be able to convert all of that traffic profitably.

Revenue Optimization has also helped them dial in their back-end to turn one time customers into repeat customers who come back again and again.

Small Body Armor Manufacturer Uses Revenue Optimization to Increase Gross Revenue by 2,891% to Become Major Contender...

There’s no doubt that the team at SafeLife know how to run a business.

They have dialed in their systems and used Revenue Optimization to create exponential growth in less than a year, increasing their gross revenue by 2,891%.

They utilize Revenue Optimization at every level in their business, from optimizing their wordpress store and funnel pages, to maximizing ROI from advertising and even into their customer service and follow up processes.

Revenue Optimization Gave This Massage Gun Company a 11.87% Lift That Makes Them an Extra $93,000 In Sales a Month...

TimTam sells massage guns (two different models: the base and the pro) that help with muscle recovery and soreness.

Wanting more people to buy the pro model, they used Revenue Optimization to develop an upgrade offer at the perfect time in the pre-checkout journey that got 12% of people who were buying the base model to upgrade to the pro (before they checked out and before any upsells).

This one tweak is worth over $93,000 in extra income per month and grew the company by 83%.

Ecommerce Evolved is NOT Theory

I have distilled decades of research, testing and practical in-the-trenches ecommerce experience to write a complete manual for building a thriving ecommerce business in today’s competitive market.

After generating over $400 million dollars in ecommerce sales for our clients, our students and ourselves, we learned what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a little taste of what I mean…

In this book, you’re going to discover EXACTLY how to do it—how YOU can Revenue Optimize™ your ecommerce business to get those same high conversion rates, high revenue, high AOV, and high lifetime customer value.

You now have access to all the strategies, processes and systems that we use to build, grow and scale 6, 7 and 8 figure ecommerce brands online.

When You Get This Book For FREE …

Here’s A Quick Taste Of What You’ll Discover…

Page 4

The Iceberg Effect that causes many ecommerce entrepreneurs to struggle to achieve success and beat their heads against the wall wondering what they are doing wrong. (Once you understand this and how to avoid it, your business will start to grow like wildfire)

Page 13

The 12 core principles of ecommerce that you must understand if you want to build a thriving ecommerce business. (Even if you already have a successful ecom business, you’ll likely find that you’re breaking one or more of these principles.)

Page 39

Why a lack of traffic is NOT your problem and why more traffic will only increase the problems your ecommerce business is already showing. (Understanding this concept will save you tons of money and time when you start scaling your business.)

Page 61

How to cut your traffic cost in half without reducing adspend using one very simple strategy. (You are likely paying 900% more for your traffic than you think. Use this strategy to cut that traffic cost dramatically.)

Page 28

How to engineer your business to outspend your competitors, remain highly profitable and completely dominate your market. (This is the secret to going from a 6-figure to a 7-figure business FAST!)

Page 54

The 5 areas of every business that are LEAKING away potential profit. It’s like taking a bucket full of holes and trying to fill it up with water. (These are easy fixes that take a total of about 3 hours time to fix.)

Page 136

The 3 different types of profit margins and how focusing on the wrong one will drive you into bankruptcy. (I’ll also show you how to structure your products and your pricing to ensure you still have healthy profit margins even after deducting expenses.)

Page 17

Why building a BRAND is more important than selling a PRODUCT. (This is the secret to getting your customers to buy from you again and again.)

Page 77

The critical optimizations for all of the pages of your store for instant increase in your bottom line. (We did all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to.)

Page 59

The six key optimization principles and what they mean for your business. (You must master these if you want to optimize your store.)

Page 165

My 6 favorite types of continuity programs that can be bolted onto any ecommerce business no matter what the niche to create recurring income that compounds in size every month. (Recurring income gives you baseline cash flow you can depend on each and every month. Never have to start the next month at $0 ever again!)

Page 287

How to build a huge list of targeted prospects who WANT to buy your product—without having to resort to the usual list building shenanigans. (Most of the traditional list building strategies aren’t suited to the way ecommerce businesses operate. These strategies were designed specifically for physical product sellers.)

Page 318

The default promotion vault strategy that Amazon, Zappos, Zulily, Bodybuilding.com and many other 9-figure ecommerce brands use to provide predictable cash flow year round AND how I’ve modified the strategy to work for smaller ecom brands like yours and mine. (This removes the stress of trying to figure out what to promote and when to promote it. A super simple and effective strategy you’ll love!)

Page 329

The most NEGLECTED area of an ecommerce business, that SHOULD be your biggest profit center. I’ll tell you what it is AND show you how to structure it correctly so that it can potentially double or triple your profits with only a marginal increase in expenses. (This can happen in a matter of months, not years. It’s that powerful.)

Page 155

4 outside the box income streams that you can add to your business to boost your profits without costing you any upfront capital or require you to find any more products. (This is brain dead easy and when you see it, you’ll smack yourself for not doing it before.)

Page 159

How to bulletproof your ecommerce business and make it bubble tolerant and resistant to market conditions that would otherwise leave you in desperate straits. (Doing this gives you peace of mind and allows you to sleep at night knowing that no matter what happens in the market, your business will survive.)

Page 225

How to mine and exploit your ecommerce store’s data to give you the information you need to create exponential growth and the 5 critical data dumps you need to analyze on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. (This is one of the most overlooked areas of an ecom business. Don’t make the same mistake.)

Page 143

The 10 Rules Of Product Selection you absolutely must follow when sourcing products to sell. This applies to name brand, private label and OEM manufactured products. (Following these rules are the secret to our highly profitable product lines across multiple industries.)

Page 292

An advanced advertising campaign that you can use to arbitrage CHEAP Facebook traffic into EVEN CHEAPER long term targeted traffic straight to your offers. (over 60% of our Facebook traffic comes from these types of campaigns.)

Page 269

The exact number and composition of marketing channels your business should be leveraging based on your niche, your product mix and your revenue. (A multi-channel approach is key, but get the wrong combination can doom your business to mediocrity.)

Page 37

Exactly how you need to structure your business for maximum growth and profitability, while at the same time minimizing the amount of hours you have to work. (I’ll also walk you through the process of systematizing each piece of your business to make it all possible.)

Page 348

How to get 4X the open rates, 5X the click rates and more than 3X the revenue from 1 simple email that you are already sending but are not leveraging correctly. (Marketingsherpa stats show that only 8% of ecommerce companies are monetizing this 1 email correctly.)

Page 225

The difference between a six-figure, seven-figure and an eight-figure ecommerce business comes down to how well you leverage your _____. (HINT: It’s a 4 letter word and if you learn how to use it right, the sky’s the limit in terms of how much money you can make)

Page 208

My step-by-step process for reverse engineering your biggest competitors, their ad’s, products and even their complete business. You’ll know exactly what they’re doing right (so you can do the same), what they are doing wrong (so you can do it right) and where they have gaps (so you can fill them).

Page 342

The 3 must have email marketing campaigns that will automate the majority of your back end follow up marketing. Plus: I show you how to build them, what to say and when to send them for maximum effect.

Page 297

How to use Traffic Recycling to get an 800% Return On Investment (conservative estimate) for every $1.00 you spend on Pay Per Click traffic. (If you are thinking retargeting, you’ve figured out 1/5th of the puzzle.)

Page 340

Our in-house automated marketing strategy we’ve added to every one of our ecommerce brands to extract the most bang for our buck from every penny spent on advertising. (Since we implemented this, our ROI has gone through the roof)


How to START SMALL and GROW FAST with the material inside this book. If this seems overwhelming…relax. I will show you how to start implementing these strategies and systems into your business, no matter how big or how small your company is right now…we grow a business the same way we eat an elephant…one bite at a time!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you will uncover inside this 378 page book!

Send Me Your Address…

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I’ll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we’ll send it anywhere in the world!
If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below…

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What Others Have Said About Ecommerce Evolved!

Chris [US, selling online for 1 year]

I’ve spent over $4,000 on ecommerce courses and books. But when people have questions on forums or groups, Ecommerce Evolved is the one I quote from.

This book gives you the best format for setting up a dynamic business model.

It gives you the big picture of where you want your store to go and what the big players are doing to their stores.

It also gives you enough knowledge to critically think about where to invest your money.  If you don’t know where to go or where to start, you’re just going to be experimenting.”

Mark [UK, selling online for 3 years]
  I’ve had success selling on Amazon, but Amazon has its drawbacks, like we don’t own our customer data.

I’ve been interested in moving my business away from Amazon but found it hard to do that profitably or even breaking even.

After reading Ecommerce Evolved, I’m convinced that the book has the exactly action plan I’ve been looking to implement in my business.

I also learned how important it is to have recurring income as a significant part of revenue and will be implementing that quickly.”

Steven [US, selling online for 30+ years]

This book helped me focus on the things on my to-do list that can literally add 7-plus figures to our revenue next year.

I highly recommend that you pick up this book.  It is an incredible overview with nothing in here that isn’t going to be valuable for you.

It’s really about as soup-to-nuts as you’re going to get.

You’re going to find a lot of ideas that either you knew and didn’t implement or didn’t know and can realize the value of implementing.”

Robert [US, selling online for 2 years]

  It’s an amazing read if you’re an entrepreneur looking to start up your own ecommerce business no matter what niche you’re in.

I’ve been in ecommerce for about two years now and I’ve learned things in this book that I didn’t think I would learn.

I would definitely recommend it for experienced ecommerce folks or beginners as well.There are great tips on how to start your business the right way, and grow and profit from there.”

As You Can See …
Ecommerce Evolved Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World…


Bonus #1 - Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering

“How To Build A Business That Supports Your Dream Lifestyle, Instead Of A Glorified Job You’re A Slave To”

Total Value: $197.00 FREE

The problem with most people’s businesses is that their business dictates their lifestyle INSTEAD of their lifestyle dictating their business

Most business owners end up less than happy with their life because they wanted a “better life,” but they never defined what that “better life” actually looks like.

This training will help you figure out what you want and need out of life, and then structure your business to give you exactly that.
This is the smartest thing anyone can do when it comes to building a business, and it’s so critical to your success that you shouldn’t even start building before you figure it out.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Ecommerce Evolved Today!

Bonus #2 - Building A Brand Worth Selling (Or Keeping)

“How To Build A Real Brand That You Are Proud Of, Instead Of Being A Commodity”

Total Value: $97.00 FREE

It’s so easy and in our nature to say “Oh, it’s Facebook, the darn algorithm again” or “It’s the subject line” or “Fill in the blank … ”

It’s easy to blame everything else for our problems other than ourselves.

But more often than not, the real problem lies with the man/woman in the mirror and our brand (business and personal).

This private training is all about creating and cultivating a brand that doesn’t suck—a brand that you love, and more importantly, your customers love and rave about.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Ecommerce Evolved Today!

Bonus #3 - Why Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Sucks

“The Most Ignored Metric In Ecommerce That Can Literally Transform Your Business (And Life) When You Leverage It”

Total Value: $97.00 FREE

The real magic in a business happens in the backend. The problem is most businesses don’t experience that magic because they don’t have a backend.

In this private training that I did at our BGS Live Conference…I’m going to show you why your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) sucks.

And then I will show you the magic of a well-executed backend, and how your whole life can literally transform without any extra money spent on advertising,…with no new customers coming in and with only a marginal increase in your operating costs and cost of goods.

This will be free money for your business when done right.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Ecommerce Evolved Today!

Bonus #4 - Ecom Video Ads Formula

“Create Quality Video Ads Without Becoming A Video Editor And Spending Thousands On Equipment”

Total Value: $197.00 FREE

The direct response marketing landscape has changed from traditional static image and copy advertisements to video focused ads with little to no copy.

The online world is slowly being dominated by video, especially mobile ecommerce.

Video is no longer an option, it is EVERYTHING when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

Once you understand our approach and the 4 video frameworks I’m going to teach you, you will be able to easily map out your own videos,…take that to Fiverr.com and get each of the videos you need knocked out for $5 to $10 bucks each.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Ecommerce Evolved Today!

Bonus #5 - Private Book Owners Facebook Community

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth and A Rising Tide Raises All Ships”

Total Value: $97.00 FREE

The entrepreneurial journey is usually a lonely one because it is walked by only a few.

And it is crucial for you to surround yourself with those few, so they can pick you up when you fall down and give you the support that you need.

When you order your copy today, you will get access to our private Ecommerce Evolved book-owners-only Facebook group where you get to interact with and get support from our team and your fellow ecom-preneurs that walk this journey with you.

Plus, every week different members of the BGS team are doing live Revenue Optimization™ trainings, sharing optimization wins and answering questions that members have asked.

At BGS, we live by the quote “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships” and the results of our students speak for themselves.

The most active students in our private Facebook groups are always the most successful ones.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Ecommerce Evolved Today!

WHY This Book, And WHY I Want To Give It To You For Free

There’s no shortage of marketing or business advice out there, some of it good, some of it bad.

Some of it works for some businesses but not for others. In many cases the only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself.

And therein lies the problem (which Ecommerce Evolved solves).

When you don’t know exactly what to do, most people wind up all over the map trying, testing, and hoping something works.

And that can burn through a ton of your time and money before a solution emerges.

When you spend all your time and money chasing strategy after strategy, you’re not able to stay focused on your business or your goals.


When you have a proven plan—a system—in place, you’re positioned to grow your business both over the short term AND the long term.

You see, I had a very specific goal when writing Ecommerce Evolved. And this goal is the same reason I’m giving it to you for FREE.

My goal for you is to give you the proven plan your business needs…AND… prevent you from making unnecessary (and costly) mistakes along the way…

Especially as you implement this plan to build, grow, and scale a wildly profitable ecommerce business.
And best of all?

There’s NO CATCH!!

I know there are some websites out there that give you something for free, but then throw you into some subscription program that charges your card every month.
This isn’t one of them.
There’s NO hidden “continuity program”.
And in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…
I am literally giving you this 378 page ecommerce blueprint for only the cost of shipping, as a means of “putting my best foot forward” and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you will love Ecommerce Evolved so much that you will continue to invest in additional products from me in the future and potentially even attend one of our live events.

I know that when you get awesome results with this book, you will want to become a client for life and be a part of the Build Grow Scale family.

That’s it…that’s my ‘evil’ ulterior motivefor you to have success so you will become a part of our BGS family to have even more success.

So why would I do this?
It’s my passion, my legacy.
At some point, after you make enough of it, money starts losing its importance and value.
What matters at that point is the difference you make in the world. That is my drive.
I just LOVE helping our students and clients get awesome results.

Our motto at BGS is “A rising tide raises all ships.” We strongly believe that if you’re successful, we are successful as well.

Does that sound more than fair? 🙂

Click the button below to claim your copy of Ecommerce Evolved now. You won't regret it.

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We’ve only printed a few thousands copies of the book for this promotion, and when they’re gone… well, they’re gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

Here's Everything You're Getting Access To Today...FOR FREE!

Here’s Everything Else You’re Getting With Your FREE Ecommerce Evolved Book Today:


378-page Ecommerce Evolved Book

11 chapters. 1 bonus chapter. All focused on one thing: helping you build, grow and scale a successful ecommerce business.


Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering

This training will help you build a business that supports your dream lifestyle, instead of building a glorified job that you're a slave to.

Total Value: $197.00 FREE


Building A Brand Worth Selling (Or Keeping)

This training is all about how to create a brand that doesn’t suck and a brand that your customers love and rave about.

Total Value: $97.00 FREE


Why Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Sucks

In this training I will show you the magic of a well-executed backend, and how your whole life can literally transform when you build yours.

Total Value: $97.00 FREE


Ecommerce Video Ads Formula

Learn how to create quality video ads without becoming a video editor and spending thousands of dollars on audio and video equipment and editing software.

Total Value: $197.00 FREE


Private Book Owners Facebook Community

Get access to our private Ecommerce Evolved book-owners-only Facebook group. Interact with and get support from our team and your fellow ecom-preneurs walking the same journey.

Total Value: $97.00 FREE

Here’s A Glimpse Of The Chapters You’re Going To Discover Inside The Ecommerce Evolved Book…


The 12 Core Principles Of Ecommerce

These are the guiding principles that are followed by everyone of the 7 and 8 figure ecom brands we’ve worked with. Most businesses (probably you too) are violating over half of these principles.

Chapter 1

Traffic Is Not Your Problem

Everyone thinks they have a traffic problem, but in reality it’s only a symptom of a much bigger problem and in this chapter you will see unequivocal proof of this.

Chapter 2

Revenue Optimization

Learn foundations of the system that creates the massive wins and the ability for ecom brands to grow geometrically (hockey stick growth).
Chapter 3

Beginners Guide To Revenue Optimization

This is a crash course to get you up to speed and into profit with RO Fast. Includes our best winning optimizations for each step in your buyers journey that you can apply immediately.
Chapter 4

Think Before You Sell

Learn ins and outs of finding scaleable products, winning offers, additional product profit streams and how to build recurring income streams into any Ecom business.
Chapter 5

Beginners Guide To Revenue Optimization

Discover how to get deep inside your target buyers head and use what you learn to make your brand irresistible to them.

Chapter 6

Your Competition

How to effectively analyze your competitors to hone in on what’s working for them as well as identify low hanging fruit areas of weakness where you can capitalize to steal market share.
Chapter 7

Exploit Your Data

Learn how to properly collect and mine the data that is available inside your business to find hidden profit centers, new marketing opportunities and key areas to improve for scaleability.
Chapter 8

Google Analytics

Discover the right way to put google analytics to work in your business so that it’s providing you with actionable and accurate data you can use to grow your business.

You’ll also get breakdowns on our favorite reports and where we find the biggest wins.

Chapter 9

Advertising Channels

How to capitalize on omni-channel advertising and how to dial in each channel to fit with your marketing efforts to achieve maximum return on investment.

Chapter 10

Front End Marketing

Learn how to structure your front end marketing efforts to feed a never ending stream of new customers into your business.
Chapter 11

Back End Marketing

Discover how to 2x to 3x your income by setting up a simple automated back end marketing process to turn all your new customers into long term repeat customers.


I know that before I get into anything…I’d like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.
And even though you are only paying the $9.95 for shipping and getting the book and the rest of the bonuses for free–you worked for that money and it counts.

Like my grandpa used to say…“Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot!”

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

How’s that for a money back guarantee? I’d say pretty good!

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who Is This For?

This is for ecommerce store owners, entrepreneurs and marketers who want to build, grow and scale an ecommerce business.

If you are not in the ecommerce space this book is not for you.

But if you are in the ecommerce space and you want to achieve more from what you are doing, then you will find that Ecommerce Evolved is right up your alley.

What Is Revenue Optimization?

Revenue Optimization™ is a data based system of processes used to systematically and strategically optimize a store or funnel in order to maximize the revenue generated by every user.

Revenue Optimization focuses on leverage points within an ecommerce business where small tweaks can create big wins that lead to geometric (hockey stick) growth.

Is This Book For Stores or Funnels?

Either or both. What you find inside Ecommerce Evolved can be applied to either a funnel based ecom business or an online store.

For most businesses we recommend a hybrid approach of using both a ecommerce store in conjunction with direct response sales funnels.

Our testing and results show that this allows for maximum performance and scalability.

How Is This Different From Other Products?

The main difference is that it works. My company Build Grow Scale has a proven track record of not just using this model for ourselves, but also for our clients and our students. There are over $400 Million dollars worth of ecommerce sales backing up what we share inside Ecommerce Evolved.

What If This Doesn’t Work For Me?

Listen, if you’re an ecom-preneur who has tried everything and is still feeling stuck.

Who has bought other books, courses and programs, gone to seminars and bought everything under the sun… but still aren’t where you want to be. I know how you feel. I did all that stuff too. Heck in my first year online, nearly two decades ago, I made less than $200.

I want you to know I’ve got your back. You’ll know if this is for you or not within the first couple of pages. For most people, it “clicks” for them almost right away.

But I don’t want you to feel rushed. Read it, take notes, go through the bonuses and if it doesn’t help you or your business let me know and I’ll happily refund your shipping costs. And you can keep the book and the bonuses.

Ask yourself would I really do that if I wasn’t super confident this will go down as one of the best investments you ever make?

Isn't This Just One Of Those Free+Shipping Funnels?

Yes it is. It is a highly effective marketing strategy. In this case, you get the book (and the $685 in free bonuses) for free, you just cover the cost of shipping for the book.

There are a couple of upgrades that will make implementing and getting results much easier and faster but whether or not you decide to take them is completely up to you.

I Want This, What Exactly Am I Getting?

Is The Book Really Free?

Yes, the book is free. Ecommerce Evolved retails for $18.95 on Amazon and in bookstores, but today on this page you can get a copy of the book completely free.

The only cost to you will be to cover the cost of shipping. To make it fair, I’m covering the cost of the book and you cover the cost of the shipping.

We can ship to book to you anywhere in the USA for $9.95 or anywhere in the world for $19.95.

Why Would You Give Away Something Thats Responsible For Over $400Million In Sales For Free?

Simple. Two reasons. One I know this has the potential to help you get better results, make more money and get more freedom from your ecommerce business. Two, I also know that a certain percentage of people will be interested in getting our personal help in getting you those results. So it’s a win win.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee in case it’s not for you.

I even let you keep the book and the bonuses.

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