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A critical method supported by $400,000,000 in ecommerce sales

The top 1% of ecom owners failed to do this (but you don’t have to!)

In our 6 years of collaborating with hundreds of ecom owners, no one got this one important step right from the get-go, triggering a domino effect of poorly informed business decisions. Why make the same mistake they did? We have a surefire way to eliminate the guesswork and prevent any costly misstep–saving you hours of wasted work, wasted opportunities, and wasted $$$!

I’m gonna tell you something that might make you hate me.

But I’m gonna say it, because in this family, we don’t deal with BS.

I’m worried that you’re doing it all wrong.

You see, in the past 6 years of collaborating with store owners (with over $400,000,000 in ecommerce sales), I observed that everyone knew the importance of tracking and reporting their website data.

And let me tell you: each one of them set up their Google Analytics (GA) incorrectly the first time.

I’m not saying these store owners were lacking in the brains department (they are some of the smartest people I know!). All I’m saying is, they didn’t know what they were doing at that time.

Sure, we all learn from mistakes.

But let me tell you–some of these mistakes can be costly. And what makes me sad is that they can be avoided.

I remember the story of a store owner…

Or the lovely couple who…

And the lady who…

All of them shared one thing in common: They made their decisions based on inaccurate, false data.

Because they didn’t know that they could tag each and every element of their store so the data reading can be more accurate.

Because they didn’t have a team who could set it up for them.

Because their dashboard didn’t reflect the real story.

Because they didn’t know any better.

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”

As a store owner, you probably heard this before.

Which is why you likely have Google Analytics set up, so you can monitor the numbers that matter to you.

These numbers give great insights into your customers and your products. And you use the data to make important business decisions like–who do we talk to? When should we talk to them? Where can I reach them? What matters most to them?

And so you make all these decisions armed with the knowledge you get from your GA dashboard.

But how sure are you that you are tracking the right things, correctly?

We can help you do it right, and do it early.

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We have nothing but love for Google Analytics.

It’s a valuable tool that helps you see if you’re achieving your goals, and guides you in making immediate adjustments to your site and content. Plus:

  • Running an audit on your site’s pages
  • It’s (mostly) free.
  • It automatically collects data.
  • It lets you customize reports.
  • It’s well integrated into other platforms (i.e. other Google services, like Google AdWords, or Google Optimize).
  • It informs you about the type of content that gets the most activity (views, shares).
  • It tells you where to best advertise to reach your target audiences.
  • It lets you know more about your users’ preferences, their gender, demographics, location, and more.
  • It helps you track your campaigns.
  • It shows you where your customers are bouncing off your page.
  • It’s so easy to use.

But we have seen so many instances where Google Analytics was not used to its full potential (or not used correctly at all).

You could be underusing it. Are you only using it to track topline figures like page views? Do you have a measurement plan (key performance indicators) for your site? Are you aware of your users’ scroll behavior, video engagement, preferred social pages? Do you measure searches within your site?

Your code might not be implemented correctly. Are there any duplicating codes? Is there a stray semicolon wreaking havoc somewhere in your backend?

Your raw data could be missing. Do you have a raw view on hand when you need it? Or are all the filters messing up your reports?

Your self-referrals compromise your data integrity. Are you unknowingly tainting your own numbers?

You are not tagging all your pages. Are you 100% sure you are tagging each page? Or are you missing any? Why?

Google Analytics is a rich source of incredibly important information. Are you using it at the maximum level? Is there more you can learn about how your users are interacting with your site?

If your answer is “No” or “I’m not sure”– you could be missing out on so many valuable insights!

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Whether you have a tech/analytics team, or you’re flying solo, availing our Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager (GA4 + GTM) is a smart move.

It can expose your blind spots.

It can free up time so your teams can focus on more important matters.

It won’t require you to become a GA expert yourself.

But most importantly, it will deliver results.

Here’s what’s included in our Google Analytics 4 and TAG Manager Package.

Tap the expertise of our team of GA Experts
Our team will go in and set up your Google Analytics on your store and make sure all your data is reporting correctly. This frees up more time and energy for you and your team.

Get every aspect of your store properly tagged
Once the Google Analytics data is reporting correctly, our team will then go in and tag every piece of your site and code with Google Tag Manager. This way, you can track the performance of every single aspect of your store: from links, buttons, images, to videos, pages, pop ups, and other functions. It’s a very tedious task but trust us, the insights will be worth it.

Done-for-you user-friendly dashboard
Once your install and set-up is finished, we will create a user-friendly visual dashboard so you can easily find the data you want without having to become a GA expert. With this dashboard, you can track your KPIs and monitor your progress quickly and easily.

Intensive training calls for you and/or your team
You will also receive 4 one-hour training calls with our GA experts to teach you and/or your team how to get the most out of your new GA4+GTM data.

You get all of these (and a wealth of relevant, accurate, actionable insights), for only $4,688. Or if you’re an Ecom Insider, you can get it for only $3,750.

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The Google Analytics data is what allows our Revenue Optimization™ team to optimize stores and create wins the way we do. It would not be possible without it.

That’s why I know that $4,688 will pay for itself.

When you know your store inside out, when you know your users head to toe, when you know your metrics like the back of your hand–you are guided in making any business, marketing, or product decisions.

The longer it takes for you to figure things out, the more your valuable resources (time, money, patience, passion) you waste.

But if each step you take is grounded on data-backed insight–then you’re always moving up.

You don’t need to do all the heavy-lifting. We can take the weight off, for you.


“When I joined BGS in October I was not tracking my conversions and I didn’t even know what a Google Tag Manager was. Matt and Pankaj were so patient in clearing all my doubts and the whole GA and tag manager was set up within a week. Pankaj had calls to teach my how to track everything. **I doubled my conversion rate within a month.** If you’re looking to scale your ecommerce store then GA is teh base for everything. Without GA set up properly, you are literally blind, so go for it, you won’t regret it.”
~ Hemapriya Gopi

“Archer and I bought the GA package at BGS Live. We were sitting at 5% conversion at the time, we’re now at a steady 8%, and converted 15% to 23% during the BFCM madness. Worth every penny, and I was excited to see what this offer was because I was ready to buy it had we not already had it. We’ve yet to not have an amazing ROI off of anything BGS offers.”
~ David Worsham

“Had my first call with Pan today covering GA setup. If genius IQ is 160, Pan is probably at 360. I spent most of the call starting at the screen breathing thru my mouth. A LOT to absorb but I believe 100% this is the bridge to the big time! Any of you who decided to do this, you chose wisely…”
~ Josh Willis

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Google Analytics 3 versus Google Analytics 4

It’s also very timely to avail our GA4 + GTM package because Google Analytics has evolved in so many ways.

Google Analytics 3

Supports website data analysis

Core metrics: Users, Sessions, and Session Duration


  • Realtime
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

25 reporting views to filter and manipulate data

Need to measure apps separately from your website

Measurement model based on sessions and pageviews

Data retention options: 14 months, 26 months, 38 months, 50 months and Do not automatically expire

Google Analytics 4

Supports both app and website data analysis (combined)

Core metrics: Users, Events, and Engagement Time


  • Users
  • Demographics
  • Behavior
  • Ecommerce
  • Realtime

1 reporting view (but lets you create various audiences and data streams in lieu of reporting views)

Lets you track cross-platform data (between your app and your website)

Measurement model based on events and parameters

Data retention options: 2 months and 14 months

These are just some of the differences between GA3 and GA4.

Now you see why it’s important to keep learning and mastering Google Analytics. The more you know, the more you can do right.

Which means more money for you, less money for mistakes.

So avail our GA4 + GTM package today so you can get a smart start.

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60-day no questions asked, Money back guarantee

$4,688 might seem like a lot.

But the way we see it, it’s better to spend a little now, than make costly mistakes in the future.

So here’s our offer. Scratch that–here’s our promise.

We promise that your $4,688 will be money well spent.

Avail our GA4 + GTM package today, and the results will show you that every dollar was worth it.

But if after 60 days, you’re unhappy with the outcome, we’ll return your money.

Absolutely no questions asked.
That’s how much trust we have in our team, in our product, and in our collective experience.

And that’s how much confidence we have in YOU.

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Already have GA + GTM set up, but just need the GA4 update?

Say no more.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Setup is very different from Universal Analytics (a.k.a. Google Analytics or GA3.)

Unfortunately there’s no easy and instant way to upgrade to the new version. Especially since GA4 changed the complete data model of GA.

We’ll need to go through the setting up process again, bit by bit, step by step.

For you, our GA + GTM experts will fetch dynamic values for the whole setup.

They will also review and revise your code accordingly.

You’ll also receive one (1) one-hour training call with our team so you can get the most out of your new GA4 data.

This upgrade only costs $2,999. EI members may avail this for only. $2,450.

And yes, this upgrade also comes with the 60-day money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

Avail our upgrade now!

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