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Meet the Inspiring Leader of BGS—Matthew Stafford

Matt is the mad scientist behind the data and the development of the BGS “Revenue Optimization” system ... as well as the Revenue Optimization BGS team of over 40 full-time experts.

Although he won’t tell you himself, he’s also become known as the top Shopify optimization expert in the game and spends a ton of time turning away people that want to work with him.

Matt has a keen eye for impediments to the customer journey and is great at interpreting the data to find the diamonds in the rough. He also has the ability to see things from a business owner’s perspective, having run his own companies for the past 27 years.

Almost every other "expert" in the ecommerce education industry has been influenced by the "No-B.S." data-driven results and insights shared by Matthew Stafford and Build Grow Scale!

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