What REALLY kills Shopify stores

Shopify store optimization

So, I want to share with you something that just happened. After dropping my daughter off at school, I ran over to Scheels to buy a new North Face winter coat, because I needed a new one, and bumped into a guy I know who has come to some of our workshops. He’s come to…

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EASY Ways To Scale Your E-commerce Business

Alright, let’s talk about your average order value … So, average order value is a critical metric in terms of being able to buy traffic and profitably run an ecommerce store, right? AOV (average order value) is the total number in revenue you’ve made from sales, divided by the number of sales you made in…

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Make Your Product Prices PROMINENT

Ecommerce Marketing

Hey, how’s it going? Alex here from Build Grow Scale, and in this training, we’re going to talk about your product pricing and how you should display your price on your product pages properly so your customers see it immediately when they land on a page. Okay, so let’s get started. Why is price so…

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